Front School of Aetius - Neoroman Paganism (Mirror Site)


Lesson 1: The Nature of the Gods
Lesson 2: Why do the Gods only speak to some?
Lesson 3 - Finding your Personal God
Lesson 4: The 9 Virtues of Balance
Lesson 5: What is Spirituality?
Lesson 6: Ritual - The Meaning of Time and Space
Lesson 7: Paganism VS Monotheism
Lesson 8: Daimons, Spirits and Miasma
Lesson 9: Duties of the Priest
Lesson 10: The Role of Evil in Paganism
Lesson 11 - On Prophecy and Visions
Lesson 12 Priest and Politics
Lesson 13 - A Roman Exorcism
Lesson 14 - Emancipation against the Platonic "One"
Lesson 15 - Flame and Statue - Why We Pray To Images
Lesson 16 - The Eleven Pathways of Religion
Lesson 17 : Why Humanity Needs Organized Religion

The Total Illumination of the World
First Epistle to the Romans
Unorthodox Spiritual Tips for the Roman Cultor
The School of Aetius - Report of the Year 2018
The Philosophy of Aetius
Marriage in the Religio Romana
Schola Aetii -School of Priests, Augurs and Orators Opening!
Gods of Madness - The Danger of the Logo-Centric Western Culture
The Five Sacred Flames
Short Guide to become a Roman Cultor
How the Gods Help