Scriptura Mithraica

The Mithraica - The Mithraic 'Bible'

Perhaps the official scripture of Chrestomithraism would be called the Scriptura Mithraica.

This could be composed of four collections of material named according to the language of composition.

The 'Scriptura Avesta' would contain the traditional Avesta.

The 'Scriptura Hellenica' would contain material composed in Greek.

The 'Scriptura Parsica' would contain material composed in Persian.

The 'Scriptura Anglica' would contain material composed in English.

There is much room for debate as to what should go in the later three collections.

Perhaps the Scriptura Hellenica might contain some material from Stoicism, some from New Testament christianity, some from Gnosticism, something related to Pythagoreanism or Neoplatonism.

The Scriptura Parsica would probably include Zoroastrian texts written in Persian such as the Denkard and Bundahishn. It might also include Sufi texts written in the Persian language.

I hope that the Scriptura Anglica would eventually include lots of new material written by modern Mithraists, and would point people in the directions as to what Mithraism is about.

September 4018 ME