Ideas for the MITRAVIA - the way of Mitra -  March 4015


MITRAVIA - The Way of Mitra


MITRADENA - vision of Mithras/ conscience of Mithras

MITRARUNA - secrets/concepts of Mithras

MITRADICTA - the words/commands of Mithras

MITRACTUM - the Mithraic movement

MITRAMANTRA - the thought-provoking writings of (or recommended by) Mithras

MITRAMAGICA - the magic arts of Mithras

MITRAYASNA - worship of Mithras / what Mithras worships/ asks you to worship

MITRANGELA - the angels of Mitra - the way Mitra appears to us




   The  vision, world-view or conscience of Mitra


- Good and Bad states of life are intrinsic to the  nature of Existence

- We can make a difference to whether life is good or bad and we should try to do so

- The state of life depends on our actions

- Our actions spring from our mind - and  so we should strive to develop a good mind.



    The Mithraic movement


 - a religious movement, a fraternal movement,  an educational movement, a movement of personal transformation

 - people working together in community to create a good power to steer the world to a good state


a process:           - aligning our mental understanding to the true nature of reality

                         - aligning our mental values with what is truly valuable


involves practices :    

      - which shift our values,  our loyalties ,  our understandings ,  our behaviours  

       -  which develop our capacities, deepen our abilities


-requires transmission of particular forms of thinking and acting from person to person  ('culture')


- We aim for Rectification (being made right with reality) so as to become a righteous person (an artavant). This involves Metanoia (transformation of the mind) from an existing poor state to a better state.


- The highest form of Rectification is Illuminatio or Enlightenment. If possible we should strive to become an Illuminatus or Videvant - an Enlightened person. However this is difficult to achieve and only a minority can be expected to get close to it.


- An Illuminatus or  Videvant is able to discern the right course of action in any situation through their own mental powers (they are creators of wisdom). Unenlightened people may not be able to do so, but they can still act righteously by following the wisdom created by others.


- Sophistry is a name for practices that we pursue consciously to get closer to enlightenment. Sophistry aims among other things to bring us to sophistication or finely discerning judgement.

-Mitra is our Ratus or guide to understanding and acting upon the most important principles of life.


-Mitra is not the only possible guide we could choose, but the one that we have chosen, and this brings us into the Mithraic Movement.


- Mitra is the power which:

      - connects our minds to reality

      - connects our actions to the needs of reality

      - connects people together in a beneficial way


- Mitra is associated with particular ways of thinking that have been transmitted historically and attached to his name. This gives Mitra a character that is different from other religious guides.


- SODALITAS is  Mithraic Fellowship


- Zoroastrian Historic Era (ZHE) is a year dating scheme used by Mithrites which is exactly 2000 years ahead of the Christian scheme, so  4015 ZHE is 2015 AD




    The worship of Mitra and worship of that which Mitra says is worthy of worship


 - worship is a practice which helps us come to value something

- we should worship what it is valuable for us to give attention or support to

- there are lots of possible form of Mitrayasna - few discussed here


- rituals around Fire , a symbol of life or the power that brings life ,                                                - need to keep the fire alive, and keep it untainted by impurities


- celebrate Zoroaster's  birthday on 26th March, use stately version of Tavalodet Mobarak as anthemn, sing Happy Birthday in our own custom. On his birthday we provide him with seven gifts which should, apart from money,  be made by us for him freshly each year.  Suggested gifts are:

1. Drink (e.g. Mead) 2. Food (e.g. Cake) 3. Clothing (e.g. Mithraic cap) 4. A tool (eg a pen)  

5. For physical health (e.g. herbs) , 6. To protect (e.g. staff, shield) 7. Money (eg silver coins)


- remembrance  of King Cyrus the Great on 29th October



     The angels of Mitra


     - Angels of Mitra are messengers that Mitra sends us to communicate with us in a way we can understand. Angels are commonly pictures of Mitra that we have in our head and which we may treat for instance as giving us advice or providing an example of good behaviour to follow.


      MITRAS (or MITHRAS) is the main masculine angel of Mitra, who may appear in various forms

 e.g. Mitras Chrestus (the Good) ,    Mitras Illuminatus (the Enlightened),    Mitras Miles (the Soldier),    Mitras Ratus (the Guide),      Mitras Ligator (the connector of people)


    ANHITA (or ANAHITA) is the main feminine angel of Mitra who may appear in various forms of which two are especially important:

     Anhita Sophiana is a figure of wisdom

     Anhita Maria is a figure of maternal care and protection


    The cave of Mitra


Ritual Firehouse - A place that fire is kept constantly alive and fed with natural food and kept free from impurities.


  VARA - An underground enclosure for living in during hard times

  SPELUNCA - A ritual cave representing the whole cosmos

  SPELEUM - The cave (protected physical place in the world) in which Mitra is most at home .


A Mitraspeleum is the main part of the Mithraeum of Mithraic temple complex, and is used for worship and ritual meals etc. and other activities. A Mitraspeleum would normally contain a Spelunca and Fire-house inside of it for certain kinds of rituals.  Some mitraspelea are adapted for living in and so take on the characteristics of a Vara


  "A mitraspeleum should be a place where you are not subject to harmful influences  and have freedom to pursue the cosmic truth without being impeded"


"A mitraspeleum is the seed which can re-generate the world after its despoliation"    

  (or "mitraspeleum is the seed-husk which protects the mitrasemen or mithraic seed-germ which can ... ")




     The thought-provoking words that Mitra makes available to you


   - The Gathas or Gospel of Zoroaster - the words of Zoroaster himself

 - Other parso-zoroastrian texts (the scriptures of the traditional Zoroastrian religion), an

  - Oher texts such as those of the Stoics, Greek philosophers etc

 - Mithraic prayers maybe of modern composition


Altogether forming a Mithraic Bible of the most worthy Mantra


Also slogans - especially:    ASHA - MAZDA - MITRA





      - the teachers who are the approved assistants of Mithras          


one possible list is:    Zoroaster,  Gautama, Socrates,  Jesus,  Marcus Aurelius ,  Mani,  Balkhi Rumi




      Not everything that is called Mithraism is true and good!


      Mazdaic Mithraism  is based on the triad:     ASHA - MAZDA - MITRA

       (which means Mitra teaches a wisdom that is aligned with reality)


     Arkonic Mithraism is based on the triad:  ARKON - ATON - ANTIMITRA

       Antimitra is a false Mitra that looks like the real thing to the unenlightened

       Antimitra teaches worship of the ATON , a symbol which is the disguised tool or puppet of an ARKON or worldly power that seeks to manipulate the worshipper to its own will.


   The secret concepts of Mitra


ANGHEUS - Existence, the World


Substrate of existence:



(time - psychospiritual plane - physical plane or realm)


Polarity of Existence:


HUANGHIA <> AKANGHIA      (Good Existence <> Bad Existence)


HUANGHIA = EUDEMONIA + EUTOPIA        (Good Spirit + Good Place)

AKANGHIA = KAKODEMONIA + KAKOTOPIA      (Bad Spirit + Bad Place)


How to bring about the Good Existence?  (4 different formulations)



   (Good Mind + Good Deeds + Good Bonding)



    (Potential/Capability/Strength + Righteousness + Good (World) Order)


3. --

ARLOGOS - The law of connection which governs existence

ARTISTA - Rightness - the state of best connection

ASHURA - Righteous Lord - cause of ARTISTA

MAZDA - Wisdom - the ways of thinking and acting that create ASHURA

HUMANAH - the Good Mind which actuates MAZDA

RATUS - the guiding power which brings HUMANAH into being


(these five can be simplified to ASHA - MAZDA - MITRA)


             MAZDA = ASHURA + MAZDA

  MITRA = a particular form of  RATUS which leads us to HUMANAH)





SPENTAMANIA - Life-promoting mind-set

HUMANAH  - Good Mind (one which tends to do the right thing)

SPENTARMY - Respect for the needs of life in one's thoughts and actions


ARTISTA - Rightness , Good Order, Truth, Righteousness

HARVERTY - Wholeness, harmony , health

AMORTY - Non-dyingness - continuation of good health



Understanding Existence as a Complex Process or Activity


ACTUM - is activity, process, movement


BION - a living being

AMORTON - an immortal being, a being defined by abstract qualities

ACTON - is the  the organiser of an activity, the maintainer of a process

ARKON - a worldly power which steers the actions of others



A SPENTON works to increase the good life, an ANGRON to decrease it


VARITOR - ('Encloser') A being that gobbles up the resources of the world getting larger and larger without natural limitation.



Artista and Dreg


ARTISTA is Rightness, Truth, Righteousness (literally 'best joined')

DREG is deviation from the right path or right action       - it is error, lie, wrongness


ASHURA is the power which brings ASHA or ARTISTA  - the power which brings things together in the right way to create something good


DREGGOR is the power which impedes the ASHURA by 'putting a spanner in the works' so that things deviate from their best path and chaos ensues. ('the devil')


Varkarma and Drama


VARKARMA are our consciously chosen actions


DRAMA is everything we do, whether intended deliberately or not

       (i.e. DRAMA is our total influence on the rest of the world)


DRAMAFLUX is the flow of influence especially as a chain of events (one person takes an action that affects another person which makes them say something to a third person etc)


Angheus, Vayus, Ashura


      ANGHEUS - Existence  (the seat of ACTUM or activity)

        VAYUS - (cosmic) Stimulating being (the cause of all ACTUM)

       ASHURA - (cosmic) Righteous being  (the cause of the best ACTUM)


Holactum, Holacton, Holochrestia


HOLACTUM - the whole world activity

HOLACTON - the lord of the world, the cause of the HOLACTUM, the demiurge

HOLOCHRESTIA - from HOLOS (Whole) + CHRESTIA (service/useful work)

              'service to the whole' - 'being useful to the whole'