Zorochristianity (4020.10.31)
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Mithrakana or Michaelmas (4020.09.30)
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What exactly is Zoroastrian Christianity? (4020.09.28)
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Thoughts on John the Baptist and Jesus (4020.08.16)
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Thoughts on Neo-Platonism (4020.07.15)
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Traditions of the death of Zoroaster (4020.07.03)
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Cathar Beliefs (4020.06.16)
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About Zartochrestianism (4020.06.07)
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Zurvan, Drata and the Grace of Christ (4020.06.04)
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Anhita Chresta (4020.05.31)
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Musings on Mithras and Christ (4020.05.31)
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Zoroaster the Christ and the Good Mind (4020.05.24)
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Zartochrestianism (4020.05.08)
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Definition of Christ (4020.02.12)
Christ is a supernatural being - who has multiple angels Read More

Azidak the Antichrist (4020.02.11)
An antichrist is a worldly power that works against the designs of the incarnated christ. Read More

Mithraic Lent (4020.02.11)
I suggest Western Mithraists could take up the custom of a Mithraic Lent. This would be a period of time in which we would withdraw from our usual dependencies on the outside world. Read More

Satan in Zartochrestianism (4020.02.04)
Satan is the 'Evil One' - and the main opponent of the Angel Mithras. Read More

Lucifer (4020.02.04)
Lucifer gives hidden knowledge to anyone - whether they have good or bad intentions. If you give knowledge to people who use it for evil purposes, then you deserve some of the blame for the bad results. This is what we mean by 'Bad Lucifer'. Read More

Yalda (4019.12.21)
Yalda is the time of re-birth of the Sun , which is symbolic of the re-birth of Mithras Chrestus. Read More

Yalda Night Poem (4019.12.21)
Yalda is the celebration of the re-birth of the Sun and birth of Mithra which occurs at the Winter Solstice. Read More

Changing the Trinity (4019.10.26)
Changing the trinity in Zartochrestianism - again. Read More

Zartochrestian Mithraism (4019.09.30)
Ideas for a Western Mithraism Read More

Mithrakana (4019.09.29)
We are now at the time of year of the traditional festival of Mithras - known as Mithrakana or Mehregan to the Persians and Michaelmas in the West. Read More

Zartochrestianism Overview - September 4019 (4019.09.16)
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The Trinity (4019.09.12)
Explaining the Trinity of Deuspater, Mazda and Chrestus Read More

Zoroastrian Gnostic Christianity (4019.08.16)
Overview updated. Read More

Sophia (4019.08.15)
In Zartochrestianism Sophia or Wisdom is the second person of the trinity. As I understand it Sophia is the Wise Creative Power. Read More

What is Zoroastrian Gnosticism (4019.08.08)
This project of Zoroastrian Gnosticism has only been going a few weeks and I am still getting a feel for what it is about. It grew out of the earlier but also very new idea of 'Zoroastrian Christianity'. Read More

Zoroastrian Gnostic Christianity (4019.08.04)
An Overview Read More

Afflication and God (4019.07.31)
"It’s the hardest thing to thank God for our afflictions but pain and suffering cultivates character." Read More

Trust in Mithras (4019.07.08)
It might be said that Mithraists should believe and trust in Mithras. Read More

Zoroastrian Gnostic (4019.07.08)
The Gnostic path is one of seeking knowledge of reality and of good and evil. Read More

Mithras Ratus (4019.07.08)
Mithras Ratus is the personality of Mithras which guides us to the right path. Read More

Zoroastrian Gnostic Christianity (4019.07.01)
Zoroastrian Gnostic Christians believe that Christianity needs radical reform to meet the needs of the current age. We need to return to the roots of Christianity which are found in Persia with the prophet Zarathustra and not in ancient Israel as is popularly believed. Read More

Gnostic Christianity (4019.06.28)
Zorochristianity is best identified as a gnostic christian movement... Read More

Lady Sophia (4019.06.26)
Sophia is the second person of the proposed Western Mithraic trinity. Sophia means Wisdom in Greek and is our equivalent of the Persian god Mazda which also means wisdom. Read More

The Mithraic Agenda (4019.06.23)
"Ave Mithras Chrestus Aristus!" Read More

The Heptaspenta (4019.06.22)
A traditional Zoroastrian list of seven aspects of God, updated for Western Mithraism. Read More

A Zorochristian Trinity (4019.06.22)

Iranocatholic Mithraism (4019.06.21)
A possible variety of modern Mithraism Read More

Western Mithraic Trinity (4019.06.17)

Zoroastrian Christianity (4019.06.05)
Overview - 5th June 2019 Read More

Runic variations on the Logos (4019.06.03)
The word LOGOS had various meanings in Greek philosophy. In the modern 'Zartiruna' we distinguish four separate concepts related to the word: Read More

Zartochrestianism (4019.05.23)
Overview of Zartochrestianism - 23rd May 2019 Read More

Zoroastrian Christianity (4019.05.14)
Overview - 14th May 2019 Read More

Zoroastrian Christian (4019.05.13)
Overview - 13th May 2019 Read More