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Philosophy     The practice of seeking to understand the nature of existence
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Endosophism     The practice of inner change that brings a person to be more directly connected to reality. More or less synonymous with Sufism.

Magic     The practice of influencing other people's understandings and behaviours from a position of superior awareness.

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Kasatra     The practice of ordering the nature of the settlement of mankind on the earth and the interrelations between people and the relations between people and their environment

A Sib-Band is a Sibling-Association - a group of people who have made a covenant of peace with each other and have agreed to treat each other like brothers and sisters. So Sibbandry is about building communities for living.

Autarchism:    Autarchism (2005/6)

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Biocraft     The practice of seeking to influence the development and health of living organisms. Medicine is specifically concerned with making interventions to influence the health or good functioning of living organisms

Material Craft     The practice of moulding the inanimate material world and creating inanimate material objects of a particular nature.

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