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Q) I wouldn't see Lucifer as bad I like the way emperor julian talks about him he says how can a being who gives forbidden knowledge to man be evil.

A) Lucifer gives hidden knowledge to anyone - whether they have good or bad intentions.
If you give knowledge to people who use it for evil purposes, then you deserve some of the blame for the bad results. This is what we mean by 'Bad Lucifer'.
However on balance - giving knowledge to everybody will result in more good than bad happening. So we might say that Lucifer is two thirds good and one third bad.
This is why the story says that only one third of the angels followed Lucifer when he 'fell from heaven'.
(Of course in reality the 'Good Lucifer' who is with God, and the 'Bad Lucifer' who is estranged from Him, both exist together in a timeless realm.)

Q) I still dont see him as bad but rather a neutral being you are right that knowledge can be used for good or evil but if we use it for evil the blame is on us nobody else, I think blaming Lucifer is a way for us to pass the buck a way for us to make our selves feel better for our actions.

A) I sympathise a bit with your viewpoint. However if someone taught a known delinquent teenager with a grudge against you how to make a bomb and blow up your house, and the teenager did that. Would you say all the responsibility was with the teenager alone?

Q) Well then in that case no I wouldn't