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HEPTAYAZATA - "The Seven Godlings"

An experimental pantheon of seven gods for pagan-inclined Western Mithraists. All the godlings are considered aspects of Mazda - the cosmic wisdom power.

1. MITHRAS is the godling of right-connection. He connects people to each other to form strong productive co-operating societies, and he connects people in their thoughts and behaviour to the ultimate God - what is real and good. Mithras is regarded as the chief godling of the Heptayazata.

2. ANHITA is the godling of nurture, care and protection. She is the most concerned to provide for new life to emerge into the world and to grow strong and healthy.

3. VAIUS is the godling of stimulation and force. He blows into the world, creating movement, putting pressure on existing patterns and breaking through barriers and upsetting existing patterns. He can act for good, being an agent of challenge that stimulates life to grow, and dissolving structures that restrict or do harm. He can also act for bad, undermining good patterns and bringing death.

4. VENUS is the godling of love, fertility and prosperity. Like Vaius she has a wild heart and represents the basic desires and drives that animate life.

5. FABER is the godling of manufacture. He is the maker-god. He is the craftsman who crafts the material of the world into new designs.

6. HESTIA is the godling of the hearth and home. She is the home-maker goddess. She is responsible for the happy functioning of the individual household and the wider 'homes' of the community , city and nation.

7. APOLLO is the godling who has especial sensitivity and ability to see the underlying workings of things. He is the seer , the priest and healer. He is the bringer of music and dance.

The godlings can be considered to be in male/female pairs - i.e Mithras+Anhita, Vaius+Venus, Faber+Hestia with Apollo being unattached.

Marcus Zartianus, April 4020ME