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Q) Lucifer the hero

Lucifer “fell” after an attempt to overthrow God and usurp His position. His coup was unsuccessful, and God cast him into Hell.

Throughout human history, successful and unsuccessful attempts to overthrow a leader or government have been enacted, the most historically notable of them being the American Revolution, the French Revolution, and the English Civil War. As these examples show, attempting to put a leader out of power is a moral deed if and only if that leader is cruel or unjust.

Lucifer’s actions were noble even heroic I must first determine that the regime God led was indeed an unjust, totalitarian dictatorship. Considering He at one point committed mass genocide.

Lucifer by tempting Eve to eat of the forbidden fruit of knowledge engaged in the first ever act of civil disobedience, and against the ruler of the universe no less. There was no inherent logical or moral reason why a law prohibiting the consumption of a fruit should have existed, and it was Lucifer who brought this fact to Eve’s attention.

As the result of her disobedient act, God not only punished Eve and her husband, Adam, but in a fashion oddly reminiscent of the criminal justice system in a dictatorship, He also punished their family and all of their future descendants.

God of the Bible led a totalitarian regime that demonized free thought and that Lucifer was right in attempting to put an end to it. A just leader does not place restrictions on people’s personal beliefs. A just leader does not demand that his citizens blindly accept ludicrous claims. These are not the actions of a confident ruler who desires the best for his people they are the actions of a maniacal dictator who wishes to control his people and Lucifer sacrificed his dignity and his position as one of God’s Most High to take a stand against injustice.