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ET) God as the divine female form is infinite and has existed before the knowledge of men came up with ways to write, capitalize, enslave, and even having a reason for lying and a reason for educating. The virgin mother is the representative of God as a nurturer. She is Eve and the spirit of the earth. She is light in creation. Doesn't matter where her name or image derives from nor her image comparison to those before her. She is the holy mother with the story of birthing the son (sun) of God. The story is same and her name represents her origin by purpose. She is not oppressed thus she cant be a symbol of oppression for women. Mary of Magdalene is parallel to the virgin mother to symbolize unconditional love that God has for the world while the virgin mother is that love which birthed the son (the lord and redeemer of the world). The story is same from any era or culture.

ET) historical she was a regular woman. Divinely she is the female part of God. As of to say Adam and Eve in the garden eden is the embodiments of God as both male and female. Jesus christ is the embodiment of God the father thus the virgin mother plays the roll accurately by receiving the holy spirit of God. At her labor she conceived him as the mothers of nefelim did in the days before the flood. She stands on the moon to show her divinity with God. She is Semiramis, wife of Nimrod who was reborn as his own son, Tammuz, through her. And she is Damkina, wife of Enki reborn as Marduk. She is Isis, wife of Osiris reborn as Horus. Mary is the mother of Jesus and later the wife represented as mary Magdalene. Adam and Eve are both unionized as man and wife; brother and sister; father and daughter; son and mother. Through their stages in the garden which takes deep understanding to see but keep the incest out. This is the story of God's creation.

KA) All of it is spin by men seeking to consolidate their power through distortion of the social and spiritual message of Jesus. Also platonic philosophy is based on the false premise of the perfection of forms. All of it is refuted by modern science. Need to read and appreciate the context of all this. Respect the role these have played in shaping western civilization and then archive it, for it has no relevance to our current lives.