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The birth of life on Earth is called Biogenesis and the birth of intelligent thought on Earth
Noogenesis. According to Teilhard de Chardin, the next phase of evolution is Christogenesis –
where humanity, via the Noosphere, develops the ability to merge with the Christian God (the Omega
Point). Christogenesis involves the upwards evolution towards Christ, and promotes increasing love
of one’s neighbours.
Christogenesis began 2000 years ago, naturally, and has been cherished and developed by the
Catholic Church (given that Teilhard de Chardin was a Jesuit). However, it has not yet replaced
Christogenesis has the ultimate effect of allowing human consciousness to merge with God
consciousness. The true message of Christianity is that Jesus Christ – the Man God (God incarnate in
Man) was the forerunner, guide and exemplar of what it means for the human and divine
consciousness to become one. Through Christ, all of humanity is united in a collective Christian
consciousness (via the Golden Rule of “Love thy neighbour as thyself.”) – the Christosphere, which
supplants the Noosphere. The Christosphere, unlike the Noosphere, is eligible to merge with the
Omega Point itself, bringing about the end of history, the end of evolution, and the end of God’s great
cosmic plan (from Alpha to Omega!).
Teilhard de Chardin characterizes Christ as the Prime Mover of the evolutionary process of
increasing complexity-consciousness. He’s a cosmic Christ, directing cosmic evolution. His influence
and magnetic power are felt everywhere, drawing all towards him. As well as his divine and human
natures, Christ has a cosmic nature.
This is a “total Christ”. He attains his cosmic role following his incarnation, death and
resurrection on Earth. His humanity is a precondition of his cosmic nature, informing it and making it
what it is. Christ has a divine nature on a cosmic scale, yet, by virtue of his unique incarnation, he
equally has a human nature on a cosmic scale. The cosmic Christ, with a human nature, is the stage
after the incarnated Christ. Before the incarnation, the cosmic Christ (“God the Son”) did not have
direct experience of the human condition; afterwards he did. He could identify with our sufferings.
The “Second Coming” occurs when the Christosphere is completed (implying an entirely Christian
or, more specifically, Catholic world, since the Catholic Church is the universal Church).
The Cosmic Christ draws all of us towards a great, unifying centre, which is none other than God
himself (the Omega Point). Christ, in his incarnation on Earth, had a physical, human body, but as the
Cosmic Christ, the whole cosmos is his body.
Teilhard de Chardin said, “God chose the love of his incarnate Son as the First mover of the
restored Universe.” That is, after humanity’s “fall”, Jesus Christ acted as the divine mechanism for
humanity to be reunited and reconciled with God. At the Omega Point, Eden is restored and humanity
once again lives in paradise.
Cosmogenesis – the birth and development of the cosmos – is seen, in the end, to be
Christogenesis, meaning that Christ is the true evolutionary driver of upwards cosmic progress.
Evolution will end at the Omega Point where God and humanity, via Christ, merge.
For Teilhard de Chardin, God did not establish a “Them” and “Me” universe, with God and his
Creation eternally separate. Rather, he created a teleological evolutionary process which would culminate in the union of God and his Creation. God, in effect, brings about the perfection of his
Creation (through Christ) and the perfect Creation can then become one with its perfect Creator.
Creation is not complete until it is rendered perfect.
Between cosmogenesis and Christogenesis lies anthropogenesis (aka noogenesis) – the birth and
development of thinking humanity.
Teilhard de Chardin wrote, “If the world is convergent and if Christ occupies its centre, then theChristogenesis of St. Paul and St. John is nothing else and nothing less than the extension, bothawaited and unhoped for, of that noogenesis in which cosmogenesis – as regards our experience
culminates.”God is akin to a centre, seeking a sphere to act as its core, and his Creation is akin to a sphere,seeking a centre. At the Omega Point, the centre finds its sphere and the sphere its centre.
 Authored by Members of the Illuminati
Christ is both the Alpha and Omega, the original Logos, the birth of human evolution and the end point. The primordial original Word or Logos from which humanity is birthed from and upon its fall and descent into matter and individualism, acts like a wholeness navigator or omega point upon which all things Return to. Christ is the word made flesh. And thus, it is the Living Logos awakening within Man (flesh, body and mind). Or the Man becoming Christ.
The Gnostic Sages and others alike, believed the current physical form and material existence a distortion from the Original Logos or template. Abrahamism a religious product of the very same distortion. Modern interpretations of this ancient theory attribute the enslavement of man within matter actually a genetic and planetary intervention by interdimensional beings (the annunaki not being creators so much so as modifiers and tinkerers). The labels matter not.
Thus, the gnostic sages, like the eastern sages, believed in the awakening of this divine logos as a rebirth and the dissolution of the matrix like constructs and programs of the energy bodies, psyche/ego and the liberation of the inner Light, christ, or Spirit in the Now and Flesh.
The only real difference between Illuminism and Eastern enlightenment is that the Illuminist seeks to retain his identity and ego to perfect it while the East simply seeks to dissolve the ego and merge with God.
However we can reconcile the two by realizing the Gnostic Alchemical practices are the best of both. 3 different meanings of the Christ.
1) the dissolution of the egoic, archonic, programs in the body/psyche/energy... The revelation of the
inner Atman, God, Grail, christ. Pure dimensionless monad, God self.
2) which allows one to experience oneself and see clearly that we are individuals within Wholes, and all is Wholes within Wholes. Individual and collective unconscious becoming CONSCIOUS each as sovereign spokes of the same Wheel.
3) the Restoration of the Divine Logos/Blueprint is the same as the Evolution of the current form. Symbolized by 12 emanations (of the tree of life) not 10 and the evolution and completion of the qualities within the Self reflected in the Whole. This is an alchemical Tantric completion of the philosophers stone, grail and some have dubbed the "immortal light body."
The gnostics asserted the demi urge, his archon and the constructs here played a role in ensuring this never happened. They are in a sense the role of prison wardens and catalysts. Merely obstacles on the way to true Gnosis. Apparently, they have their own form of "ascension" but it still stays within the linear constructs of the demi urge with a "creator above." when the true God is an ineffable plemora and Source that is everywhere and nowhere, and of which guides and sparks us all to infinitely evolve toward becoming God.
The modern wingmakers myth is but a release of gnostic wisdom in a form that is palatable to a modern age and new ageism alike, yet very clearly distinguishes itself from new ageism. What the gnostic sages called the God spark, or the child of light, is the same as the Sovereign integral. The goal being a future humanity, in which human becomes an overfunction (krist) the biosphere, noosphere, and world wide morphogenetic integration. Not as a hive mind. But free sovereign individuals.
Free from elite and interdimensional parasites. The irony of liberation is that it is utmost simplicity on an inner level. The experience of the dimensionless singularity is beyond space time, beyond senses and beyond the constraints of language of the verbal mind or intellect. The math is gnosive at this point not intellectual.
So we can both uncover the God within, the dimensionless monad of infinite potential not of this multi verse. And then also Become God, which is the Soul infinitely evolving, expanding, within the multi verse.
We emerge from a Center and Return to it.