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MZ) THREE MAGI - Zoroaster, Plato, Aristotle
Maybe not the three magi (or more) who visited the historical Jesus, but mythically the three most important wise men to teach the young Jesus and us about Agathon the Good - our Holy Father in Heaven - whose active presence we call Ashura-Mazda, and whose passive presence we call Ushta.

KA) Plato is an idiot, and did not teach Jesus anything. Neither did Aristotle. Jesus was a Jew and thus his teachings were based on the rebellion against the egregious strict and brutal laws of the Old Testament. The evolution of Christianity away from this martyr’s message, is all Greek and Persian Mythology.

Also Jesus was a political leader, not the son of god. He was a mortal and not resurrected. That myth is greek in origin.

SH) It is not maybe. Mags = Zoroasterian priests. Mitra ws born from virgin and he killed the bull. Yehousha Almashiah was born from virgin and he ended the period of Taurus....

BRM) But mind you that the idea of three magian kings visiting Jesus is from the XV century. Previously it wasn't specified how many magi visited Jesus

PC) Frankly I'd be suspicious of the opinions of anyone who thinks that Plato was an idiot.

MZ) Yes, I don't think that has been the mainstream historical view! Nevertheless he wouldn't be the first to complain that Plato's emphasis on static divine forms has detracted from seeing the world as a dynamic living breathing place. So perhaps we need someone to counterbalance Plato - and we do, we have Zoroaster.