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BNP) Today some of us are celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, whom some are convinced is the saviour of mankind. A “saoshyant,” whose coming they say may have been foretold by the prophets or the wise sages of old. A perfection of man, who in the description of Zarathustra may be called an “ashavan” (master of the truth), like Zarathustra was also called “asho.” He has come, we may believe, from the deepest womb of mystery, which no one but Ahura Mazda himself has perfect knowledge of. But we are told, in the language of the Church catholic and apostolic, that he was conceived of “spenta mainyu” _ the eternally and dynamically searching for the truth “holy spirit”! The spirit that the Gospel of John and the church council proclaim came forth from the inner-most being of God. Being thus the voice of truth of the “logos” that mediates between the sacred and the profane realms, he, the “saoshyant,” is the manifestation of “vohu manah (good mind), whose life radiates the aura of “asha vahishta” (highest truth). It was his mission to establish “kshathra vairya,” or the kingdom or dominion of goodness in everyman (and woman) as well as between men. That a just society may be advanced in the spirit of “spenta armaiti” (devotion), in which everyman and the whole of mankind may be blessed with a state of “haurvatat” (integration, wholeness) and “ameretat” (eternity, immortality). Hence by him the vision of Zarathustra in the Gathas may be realised. For by him and through him, the “saoshyant,” the power of “spenta mainyu” would disperse away the evil aberration of “angra mainyu.” This is in line with the teaching of Asho Zarathustra that even if goodness and evil may have a supernatural origin, man alone of all creatures has the freedom to choose, and therefore the calling to defeat “angra mainyu” with the help of “spenta mainyu.”
Thus the “saoshyant,” whom we call here by the name of Jesus the Christ, is eschatologically a mighty benefactor or saviour of mankind. He is titled “astvat-ereta” (embodiment of truth), who has in him “asha” (cosmic truth) and whose every act is inspired by that divine truth. Being “aryaman” or the first and foremost member in the community he established (which we call the church), it is him who would lead those who follow him to complete the eschatological mission of “frasho-kereti,” or “making wonderful,” namely renovating the world of existence back to its perfect and immortal design. Where human existence would be like it was in the beginning in “pairi-daesa” (walled or protected garden) or paradise, though in a more glorified and evolved state.
It was a mission from God, who long ago has chosen Cyrus, an achaemenid king (Isaiah 45:1-13) to be His servant. The same God who that devout zoroastrian ruler of the Persian empire worshipped as Ahura Mazda. The God of whom Jesus the Christ said: “Be thou perfect as my Father in heaven is perfect.” Thus from Him came the sacred mission for the salvation of mankind, which was confirmed and underlined by the “three kings of the orient,” or the three Zoroastrian Magi who came to bow down to the poor and poverty-stricken baby “saoshyant” in a stable in Bethlehem, bringing with them gold, frank-incense and myrh. Therefore we who follow Christ, the “saoshyant,” follow his Gospel as well as the “Gathas of Zarathustra.” For they come from the same source and speak the same Truth, even point to the same ultimate direction for mankind.
Glory be to God on high and in earth peace goodwill towards men!
Merry Christmas! May God bless you all!