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From the Avesta : Freydon seeks help from the god Vaius against the tyrant devil Azidak.
“Unto him did Thraetaona, the heir of the valiant Athwya clan, offer up a sacrifice in the four-cornered Varena, on a golden throne, under golden beams and a golden canopy, with bundles of baresma and offerings of full-boiling milk. He begged of him a boon, saying: 'Grant me this, O Vayu! who dost work highly, that I may overcome Azhi Dahaka, the three-mouthed, the three-headed, the six-eyed, who has a thousand senses, that most powerful, fiendish Druj, that demon baleful to the world, the strongest Druj that Angra Mainyu created against the material world, to destroy the world of the good principle; and that I may deliver his two wives, Savanghavach and Erenavach, who are the fairest of body amongst women, and the most wonderful creatures in the world.' Vayu, who works highly, granted him that boon, as the Maker, Ahura Mazda, did pursue it.”
(Avesta, Yasht 15:23)