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Mitra poem in Rigveda (4020.11)
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Mehregan (4020.10)
the joyous celebration of Mithra of wide pastures and meadows! Read More

Shah Ismail I (4020.09)
was the founder of the Safavid dynasty Read More

Mithra Yazad (4020.08)
the highest icon of self-sacrifice and selflessness in the good Mazdayasni religion Read More

What is Iranian Mithraism? (4020.07)
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Does the Mithraic Tauroctony go back to the Mitanni? (4020.05)
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Ossetian Nart Saga 1 (4018.01)
High up in the Caucasian mountains there is a small country called Ossetia-Alania. The inhabitants of this country, the Ossetians, are said to be descended from the tribe of Alans, who themselves are related to the Sarmatians and Scythians of the ancient steppes. Read More

The history of Christmas tree (4017.12)
Did you know that the tradition of decorating the Christmas tree has its roots in an ancient Persian tradition that is all but forgotten today? Ancient Iranians used to decorate a cedar tree very much similar to how the world today decorates a pine tree. Read More

The Meaning and Concept of Arya (4017.05)
The word “arya” is probably one of most miscued, misunderstood and misinterpreted words in recent times. No one is sure how the word came into existence but after Hitler adapted the word to denote pure German race, the word became synonymous with racism. The truth is the word was used in ancient India to denote people of certain social background rather than a particular race. Read More

Homage to Lord Mithra (1.1) (4017.02)
A prayer to Mithra. "Thou art all in all to me, Lord Mithra". Read More

Mithraism is Neoplatonic - R.P. (4017.01)
Since some people are telling what they think mithraism is, I decided to share my opinion about this religion, too. I strongly connect mithraism with neoplatonic philosophy. The neoplatonic world view, as it was teached by Plotinus and Iamblichus for example, tells about a hierarchy of existence: The eternal transcendent realm of the Monad. Read More

Birth of Mithra - P.J. (4016.12)
Happy ZAYESH - MEHR ( Birth of Mithra ) Let us celebrate the birth of MEHR Izad, The Lord of Light and Justice. Read More

Mithra - Jorjani (4016.11)
"Mithra, or Mehr in contemporary Persian, means “Light”, “Love”, and “Friend.” He was born of his virgin mother in the middle of the night from December 24th to 25th, which (by the reckoning of ancient calendars) is the Winter Solstice – the rebirth of light from out of the most encompassing darkness. This is celebrated at Yalda (an Indo-European cognate of Yule Day), one of the four most sacred Zoroastrian holidays still commemorated in Iran. Read More

A Song to Mithras - Kipling (4016.08)
Poem by Rudyard Kipling

MITHRAS, God of the Morning, our trumpets waken the Wall!
‘ Rome is above the Nations, but Thou art over all!’
Now as the names are answered, and the guards are marched away,
Mithras, also a soldier, give us strength for the day!
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Scythian Warriors (4016.08)
Warrior king found in ancient Russian tomb: Scythian ruler was buried with riches, weapons and even his HORSE Read More (Daily Mail)
On Mithra and Mithraism by Ardeshir (4014.10)
October 2nd marks the beginning of Mithrá festival culminating on October 8th. It is a most happy festival of love, red wine, pomegranates, nuts and amore. Read More

Prayer to St.Michael (4013.09)
Comment: The Christian Archangel Michael is said to be derived in many aspects from Mithras as known to the Romans. Read More

USHAO: Mazdakism (early iranian communism) (4012.11)
Mazdak might well be termed the first Bolshevik in history. Indeed, in some respects Bolsheviks might be regarded as lukewarm compared to Mazdak; he not only preached communism in worldly possession but he also advocated an equal division of women among men Read More

Book: Mushrooms, Myth and Mithras (4012.07)
The Drug Cult that Civilized Europe by Carl Ruck
Repost: Towards an Integration of Mithras/Mithra/Mitra (4012.07)
Cumont, in describing a Mithraic fragment from Virunum that depicts the gigantomachy, describes it as "illustrating a Hellenized version of Ahura Mazda's struggle with demons." At first thought, we may be inclined to dismiss his description, because where we expect Zeus wielding his thunderbolt to be named, he has Ahura Mazda. Read More

History of Mithraism by a Freemason (4011.12)
The Theory that modern Freemasonry is in some sense a direct descendant from the ancient Mysteries has held a peculiar attraction for Masonic writers this long time, and the end is not yet, for the world is rife with men who argue about the matter up and down endless pages of print. Read More

Mithras and Jesus by Moghdam (4011.07)
Ahura Mazda is a divine name, but you can meet men in flesh named Hormoz. Mithra is the name of an ancient Iranian divinity, but you can meet men named Mehr, and nowadays boys and even girls are named Mitra. Read More