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Roman Mithraism

Roman Mithraism - A Theory (4018.10)
In his book 'The Mysteries of Mithras' Attilio Mastrocinque explains the mysteries of Mithras in a new way. Read More

A Mithraic Statue (4018.04)
A new lion-headed Mithraic statue has been discovered.
Seven degrees of Mithraism (4016.11)
In Persia during the time of Mithraism, when the sun god was honored above earthly things, seven were the degrees, the candidate receiving a name relevant to each stage of interior growth. Read More

John the Eunuch (4016.10)
Historic mystery fiction with a Mithraic angle
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With the God Mithras at Carnuntum (4016.10)
I’ve explored hundreds of spiritual sites from many different faith traditions. But today marks the first time I’ve ever written about spirituality in ancient Rome—in particular, about the worship of the Roman god known as Mithras. I didn’t expect to encounter the Romans on our recent trip to Austria. But at Carnuntum, an attraction on the border between Austria and Slovakia, I encountered the most amazing archeological site I’ve ever visited. Read More (external link)
Roman Fort (4016.08)
Ancient Roman fort in England may have been constructed to pay homage to Mithra or Sol Invictus Read More (External Link)
Cult of Mithras (4016.08)
10 Myths And Mysteries From The Cult Of Mithras
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Roman Mithraism - Overview (4011.07)
The Mithraic Mysteries or Mysteries of Mithras was a mystery religion practised in the Roman Empire, best attested in Rome and Ostia, Mauretania, Britain and in the provinces along the Rhine and Danube frontier. Today, the beliefs of this cult are also referred to as Mithraism, but this is a recent development. Read More