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Ashavid by Eric Dryden (4019.04)
A quick review of Eric Dryden's book about Asha and Zoroastrianism. Read More

Zoroastrian Gathas - M.Agathon - June 2018 CE (4018.01)
A translation of the Hymns of Zarathustra by M.Agathon Read More

Mithra by Aashrai Arun (4017.01)
Mithra by an Indian Mithraist. Read More

The Mithraica (4017.01)
The sacred text of Michael Crahart's Orthodox Church of Mithra Read More

The Final Mithraic Covenant (4017.00)
Text from the former 'New Mithraic Covenant' movement - which could be described variously as Manichaean, New Age or Abrahamic Read More

Introducing the Mazdan Religion (4017.00)
Introducing a new western Zoroastrian movement. Read More

Mazdan Musings - Daniel Levie (4016.12)
This small volume is meant to be a meditation on Mazdan topics. It is designed to encourage good thoughts. It contains seed- thoughts. It is filled with short, mini-essays which can be absorbed by the initiate in a short period but which help to understand some basic principles in Mazdan thought. Read More