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Who is Jesus? (4020.08)
Thoughts on John the Baptist and how we should see Jesus Read More

The Grace of Christ (4020.06)
The law of Zurvan, our actions as Drata, and the free gift of Christ Read More

Grace of Christ (4020.06)
Read More

Mithras and Christ (4020.05)
Musings on Mithras as the Archangel of Christ Read More

Sanctus Georgius Fortis (4020.04)
Saint George the Brave Read More

Definition of Christ (4020.02)
Chrestus, Mithras and Jesus Read More

George the Brave and the Dragon (4018.04)
The Story of George and the Dragon - What does it mean? Read More

George the Brave (4017.08)
Georgius Fortis, like the Iranian god Verethragna, represents the power to break through resistance. Read More