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Godly matters

The God Concept (4021.02)
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Chrestus the Adult (4021.01)
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Mithras the Adult (4021.01)
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Mithras and Zeus (4021.01)
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Chrestor (4021.01)
a person who is useful to the world Read More

The Good and the One (4021.01)
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Mithras the Capable (4021.01)
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Mithras the Adult (4021.01)
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Mithras, God of Freedom (4021.01)
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Agathon - the name of God? (4020.12)
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Zorochristian Mithraism (4020.05)
Zoroaster the Christ Read More

Zoroaster the Christ (and Anhita) (4020.05)
Can we consider Zoroaster as the Christ? What about Anhita? Read More

Anhita Chresta (4020.05)
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Heptayazata - "The Seven Godlings" (4020.04)
An experimental pantheon of seven gods for pagan-inclined Western Mithraists Read More

Evil Beings in Zartochrestianism (4020.02)
Satan is the 'Evil One' - and the main opponent of the Angel Mithras. Lucifer is slightly different. Read More

Azidak the Antichrist (4020.02)
An antichrist is a worldly power that works against the designs of the incarnated christ Read More

Satan in Zartochrestianism (4020.02)
Satan is the 'Evil One' - and the main opponent of Mithras. Read More

Sophia (4019.08)
Thoughts on Sophia in Zorochristian Gnosticim Read More

Trust in Mithras (4019.07)
It might be said that Mithraists should believe and trust in Mithras. Read More

Mithras Ratus (4019.07)
Mithras Ratus is the personality of Mithras which guides us to the right path. Read More

A Zorochristian Trinity (4019.06)

Lady Sophia (4019.06)
Sophia is the second person of the proposed Western Mithraic trinity. Sophia means Wisdom in Greek and is our equivalent of the Persian god Mazda which also means wisdom. Read More

Western Mithraic Trinity (4019.06)
Deuspater - Sophia - Mithras Read More

Names of Mithras (4019.04)
A list of the names of Mithras. Read More

Western Mithraic Pantheon (4019.04)
Elaborating a Mithraic Polytheism Read More

The Divine Heptad (4018.09)
An experimental runic heptad to expand on the Godly Trinity. Read More

Zurvan (4018.09)
Zurvan, the ultimate source of everything. Read More

Ten Mithraic Gods (4018.07)
Ten gods for a modern Western Mithraic pantheon. Read More

Zurvan - the Time Lord (4017.10)
Zurvan is the senior god of the Mitravian trinity. He is the Lord of Time and ultimately responsible for everything that happens in time, everything that is process, everything that is alive, everything that really exists. Read More

Sol Divinus (4017.09)
The Divine Sun is the unending source of light and music to the spiritual existence. Read More

New ideas - June 4017 (4017.06)
Yazdan Trinity, Three Mentalities, Saintly Trinity, Ages Read More

I recently got a thoughtful message from someone who works with severely disabled people asking why God allows this to happen. This is my answer (with the original message underneath). Read More