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Zoroastrian Christian (4021.02)
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Zoroastrian Christian (4021.01)
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Zoroastrian Christian (4020.12)
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Zorochristianity (4020.11)
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Zorochristianity (4020.10)
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What exactly is Zoroastrian Christianity? (4020.09)
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Four kinds of Mithraic worship (4020.06)
Avestan, Phoebic, Yazata, Zartochrestian Read More

Universal Mithraism (4020.06)
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Universal Mithraism (4020.06)
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Four kinds of worship (4020.06)
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Four Wisdom Schools (4020.05)
for Popular Mithraists to choose from Read More

Western Mithraism (4020.04)
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Western Mithraism (4020.04)
We believe that Europeans and others of European heritage are facing a crisis and that their present religion or lack of religion is preventing them from properly addressing it. Read More

Zoroastrian Christianity (4020.02)
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Western Mithraism (4020.01)
The original Iranian Mithra was the god of the covenant Read More

The Triviae (4019.09)
Three paths of personal development Read More

The Mithraic Agenda (4019.06)
"Ave Mithras Chrestus Aristus!" Read More

Iranocatholic Mithraism (4019.06)
A possible variety of modern Mithraism Read More

The Mithraic Era (4019.04)
Why does the Mithraic Era start in 2000 BC? Read More

Western Mithraic Religion (4019.03)
Should Western Mithraism be a full popular religion with a polytheistic side to it? Read More

Varieties of Mithraism (4019.02)
Some proposed denominations of the future world Mithraism. Read More

Scriptura Mithraica (4018.09)
What is the Mithraic Bible? Read More

Three kinds of Mithraism (4018.02)
Explaining Pagan, Krestic and Humanic Mithraism Read More

Iranic Mithraism (4017.12)
Introduction to Iranic Zoroastrian Mithraism - December 2017/4017 Read More

What is Mithraism about? (4017.12)
Mithraism starts with the duality of Good and Bad. Most fundamentally as living beings we can have a good life or a bad one. Read More

What is Iranic Mithraism? (4017.12)
Another introduction to Iranic Zoroastrian Mithraism - Dec 2017/4017 Read More

Mithraism as a global religion? (4017.06)
Until recently I thought that Mithraism would be a specifically European religion. Mithraism would rectify the deficiencies of Christianity, bolster a European sense of identity and support the struggle for better government. Read More

The Chalipa (4017.03)
The Chalipa is a symbol used by some Western Mithraists to represent the religion. It is made up of a cross and 4 small circles enclosed in a larger circle. But what does it mean? Read More

Iranian Mithraism (4016.10)
Having started out as a Gathic Zoroastrian I am only gradually learning about the Iranian Mithra. Originally of course Mithra was just one of the gods that the ancient tribal Iranians would have worshipped - though Mithra was very popular he was not at the centre of everything. Read More

From Parsomazdaism to Euromazdaism (4016.08)
Parsomazdaism is the traditional religion of the Persians. Growing out of Indo-Iranian paganism it received its distinctive flavour with the teachings of Zarathustra who lived at least a millenium before the Christian era. Read More

Why Zoroaster? (4013.06)
It can be argued that Zarathustra is the historical father of philosophy yet he doesn't often get the recognition he deserves. Read More

Chrestianism (4013.02)
A Chrestian is somebody striving to be good. A Chrestian strives to align their mind with actuality, and their heart with the ideal. A Chrestian strives to think good thoughts, speak good words and do good deeds. A Chrestian strives to be a saviour of the world. Read More

Holochrestianism-More (4013.02)
Holochrestianism is about 'being useful to the whole' or 'serving the common good'. Read More

Holochrestianism (4013.02)
Modern Holochrestians hope to help rejuvenate the religious culture of the western world by re-awakening its memory of its cultural origins and promoting good cultural forms of wisdom, wisdom-seeking, ethics and worship relevant to its needs. Read More

Wisdomism (4012.00)
Wisdomism is the worship of wisdom. The Persian word for wisdom is Mazda. So alternative names for Wisdomism are Mazdaism or Mazdayasna. Read More

Three types of Monotheism (4012.00)
Imperial, Tribal and Philosophical Monotheism Read More

Zoroastrianism for Today (4009.00)
Today we live in a world which appears to many to be full of chaos. Things don't seem to be going right. Many people find their lives are filled with work and chores - but that they are not really happy. Read More