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Zoroastrian Scripture

A Zoroastrian Catechism (alternative translation) (4013.10)
Now it is the beautiful religion of the Mazdyasna that explores/discovers, makes things easily comprehensible, and mediates/intervenes by means of wisdom, and brings enlightenment. Read More

A Zoroastrian Catechism (4013.10)
So this must one know without venturing to doubt: "I have come from the unseen world, nor was I (always) of this world. I was created and have not (always) been. I belong to Ohrmazd, not to Ahriman. Read More

Is The Vendidad a Zarathushtrian Scripture? (4012.07)
The name "vendidad" shows that it concens 'laws", not religion law, but the law of a group of Iranians who had risen before the advent of Asho Zarathushtra, against "daevas" and their worshippers. Read More

Zarathustra - Song Two (4011.07)
Unto Thee, O Lord, the Soul of Creation cried: "For whom didst Thou create me, and who so fashioned me? Feuds and fury, violence and the insolence of might have oppressed me; Read More

Avesta - Bundahisn (4011.07)
The Zand-akas, the Zand-knowing or tradition-informed, which is first about Aramazda's original creation and the antagonism of the evil spirit, and afterwards about the nature of the creatures from the original creation till the end, which is the future existence . Read More

Avesta - Hymn to Mithra (4011.07)
Lord Wisdom spake unto Spitama Zarathustra, saying: 'Verily, when I created Mithra, the lord of wide pastures, O Spitama! I created him as worthy of sacrifice, as worthy of prayer as myself Lord Wisdom. Read More

Zarathustra - Song One (4011.07)
In humble adoration, with hands outstretched I pray to Thee, O Wisdom! Read More