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Jorjani - The Return of Zarathustra, Part II (4016.08)
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Jorjani - The Return of Zarathustra, Part I (4016.08)
Zarathustra was the first archeofuturist. Ahura Mazda is the prototype of Prometheus, and an Iranian visionary is the true father of what you are used to calling your “Faustian civilization.” Read More

Jorjani - The Return of Zarathustra, Part IV (4016.08)
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Jorjani - The Return of Zarathustra, Part III (4016.08)
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Jorjani - The Return of Zarathustra, Part V (4016.08)
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The Good Religion by Stephen Flowers (4016.04)
Darban I Den – having spent years in his previous incarnation as Stephen Flowers enlightening us with works on Germanic Studies, Runes, Gnosticism and the Left-Hand Path – now turns his attention to revealing and renovating ‘the world’s newest oldest religion’ – Zoroastrianism. Read More

USHAO: Zarathustra by Tim Smith (4012.11)
IT is the oldest revealed religion known to us. As such, it is intimately related to the most of other world religions; its doctrine lies at the very foundation of civilized society. Read More

Zoroastrian Renaissance in Iran by Khosro Pardis (4011.12)
In 1979, for the second time Iran was invaded by the Arab culture called Islam. The first time was 1400 years ago. At that time your far away parents refusing to submit to their laws had to leave their mother land, Iran , and settled down in India . Read More

Zarathustra by Tagore (4011.10)
The first profound record of change of direction in Man’s religion we find in the message of the great prophet in Persia, Zarathustra, and as usual it was accompanied by a revolution. Read More

Zoroaster and freedom in European thought (4011.07)
It is well known that the past experience can be a guiding light for the present and future actions. In this context I believe that the European experience in search of an identity and freedom of thought started from the Renaissance to the end of the 19th century... Read More

The First Universal Religion (4011.06)
4000 years ago, mankind was enslaved by superstition. The powers-that-are, priestly or temporal, were dedicated to exploiting and manipulating the people. The many idol-gods were capricious and their favors were for sale through offerings and sacrifices. Read More

Zoroastrian Heritage of Humanity (4011.06)
The designation of year 2003 by UNESCO as the 3000th anniversary of Zoroastrianism brought about through the efforts of the government of Tajikistan provides a long overdue opportunity for humanity to be made aware of one of the most fundamental aspects of its heritage. A Read More

Zarathustra in troubled times by Stanley Insler (4010.00)
We live in troubled times today, when danger, uncertainty, deception and ignorance seem to be rampant. Read More

Zarathustra's Vision (4010.00)
In the history of the world, few men have arisen who are remembered as the founders or reformers of a great religion. Read More

The Enlightenment Message of Zarathushtra (4010.00)
“The Enlightenment”, an intellectual movement, which became influential as late as the 18th century in Europe, was a pursuit centered on confidence in the human capacity for thought and judgment. Read More