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Rune Uruz, and the name of the seer Zarathustra (4018.04)
In the ancient Germanic Futhark alphabet Uruz is the rune of “virility, primal raw energies, life force, and the valiant spirit.” Rune Uruz symbolizes the “subconscious will power, and passion of the untamed nature.” Uruz literally means “auroch,” and stands for “primal, pristine energies.” Read More

Constituents of Human Beings (4018.01)
9 Constituents of Human Beings in Physical, ultra-physical and Immortal Worlds Read More

Zoroastrianism & Nature (4017.04)
Teaching of Ervad Dr. Ramiyar Parvez Karanjia Read More

Why should we not throw anything into a well ? (4017.04)
Teaching of Ervad Dr. Ramiyar Parvez Karanjia Read More

Consciousness in Zoroastrianism - Sam Kerr (4016.12)
The modern meaning of the word “Consciousness” is construed differently in different disciplines. For the philosophical purpose of this paper let us make the meaning simple. The most fundamental aspect of “Consciousness” is the capacity to sense existence and value. Read More

Origin of concepts of Heaven and Hell (4016.10)
As you know, fundamentalist Christians and Evangelicals believe in the doctrine that the saved go to heaven, while the unsaved non-believers go to hell for eternity after they die, to suffer an eternity of torture without end, a fate beyond the scope of anyone’s imagination. Read More

khvaetvadatha - Jafarey (4016.09)
What does 'KHVAETVADATHA' - often translated kin-marriage really mean? Read More

Monsters and serpents in the ancient lore (4014.05)
Unlike the ancient Egyptian religion, where serpents, snakes, frogs, crocodiles, flies, rats, and a host of other creatures were worshipped; the ancient Aryan looked upon many of these creatures as hideous, grotesque, monstrous and malformed freaks of nature. Read More

Asha - the law governing the Universe (4014.04)
As divine/natural law, Asha connotes the eternal, immutable law that governs the universe. It regulates both the spiritual and the corporal worlds. In Zoroastrianism, natural law and divine law are the same. Read More

Spirituality - Kersey Antia (4014.00)
Spirituality takes different forms in different religious philosophies. Almost all religions emphasize the need for good deeds but some may prescribe certain pre-requisites such as believing in the prophet as Savior or the Son of God, or believing him to be the sole legitimate prophet on earth. Read More

Haurvatat and Ameretat - K.D.Irani (4013.11)
Understanding these two concepts requires that their roles in the scheme of the theological framework of the Gathas be grasped. Read More

The Faravahar (4013.10)
The history of the Faravahar design begins in ancient Egypt, with a stylized bird pattern which is known as the spread-eagle. Read More

Zarathushtras Paradise (4013.06)
The idea of paradise as expressed in the later Zoroastrian literature,1 some of it written more than a thousand years after the prophet lived is in many ways quite different from the prophet's teachings as expressed in the Gathas. Read More

USHAO: "A righteous government for all" (4012.11)
A righteous government is of all the most to be wished for, Bearing of blessing and good fortune in the highest. Read More

Wisdom & Justice: Kherad, Asha, Farah (4011.07)
Dr Shervin Vakili, writer and researcher: The term 'Kherad' (wisdom) is one of the oldest words in Persian language. Iranians have used this term for more than 3 thousand years. Read More