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This is my version of The Prayer to Mithras

You are free to use it or create one of your own.


O Mithras.

O Divine Lord of Light

Mithras, the Son of Light,

Mithras, the Teacher of Wisdom,

Mithras, with Your Sword, You destroy the forces of Evil.

Mithras, with Your Torch, You Shine Your Light to Illuminate the Universe from Darkness.

Mithras, By Your Love of The Divine Lord of Light

You ascended to be with him,

to be in His Embrace,

to feast with him and to fight against the Servants of Evil.

You who came to save the world,

You are the True Savior of Life.

May I be as Honorable as you.

May I have the Courage to overcome my Fears,

May I have the Strength to face the Enemies of Life.

May You alone be my Crown.

May I take my place at Your side in the Eternal Feast.

May I Journey with You among the stars.

Through Life may I Rise.

Through Wisdom may I Rise.

Through Compassion may I Rise.

Through Strength may I Rise.

Through Humility may I Rise.

Through Love may I Rise.

Through Justice may I Rise.

Through Discipline may I Rise.

Through Your Light may I Shine.

May I Rise and be at Your side for all Eternity

May I Rise and be made one of Your Immortal Servants of Light.

In the name of Mithras our Lord,



I feel that prayers like religions should evolve, for if they don't, then religions will become stagnant and corrupt.

So it is up to the followers of religions who want to be able to keep their faith alive then they should allow their religions to evolve so that it can become relevant to them and to future generations.

And in the future as humans venture out into the stars, their religions will guide them and comfort them as they explore the Amazing and Beautiful Wonders of the Universe.

For if their religions are not able to evolve, then those religions will do nothing but hold them back and destroy them.

Don't be the generation that allowed that to happen.

The Original Prayer to Mithras

Mithras Soter,

Mithras Pater,

Mithras of the Ever-Descending Knife:

Through your obedience to Sol Invictus

you rose to be with him,

to grasp hands with him,

to feast with him.

May I be as obedient to you.

May you alone be my crown.

May I come to sit beside you in the never-ending feast,

there among the stars.

Through Mercury may I rise.

Through Venus may I rise.

Through Mars may I rise.

Through Jupiter may I rise.

Through the Moon may I rises.

Through the Sun may I rise.

Through Saturn may I rise.

Through the agency of the salvific bull-slaying,

May I rise,

May I be made immortal.