Back The 7 Mithraic Principles of Life

Just like the 7 Virtues of Mithraism, I have come up with these 7 Mithraic Principles of Life for my Mithraic Brothers and Sisters.

Now as with the 7 Virtues and the other things that I have written, these are completely voluntary to follow. Some of my Brothers and Sisters may agree with them and some may not. So feel free to share your own versions of what you think that they should be. As well as any comments on the ones that I have written.

Yes I know that there are more principles that can be followed, but these are the basic ones, that can help to provide a foundation on things, beliefs, ways of life, articles of faith as well as other ideas that can be built upon to help the faith of Lord Mithras to prosper.

The 7 Mithraic Principles of Life

1. Live life well and fully, but do so with Honor and Humility.

2. Do not fear difficulty. For it is the hard ground that makes for a strong foundation that your future can be built upon.

3. The truest Peace, is the Peace that exists within your own soul.

4. All things have a right to grow. Things that bring Beauty and Health to the world, do not allow them to be destroyed or corrupted.

5. Do not allow a wrong to ripen into evil or sorrow.

6. Act with Wisdom, act with Justice and act with Compassion.

7. From the smallest blade of grass, to the largest mountain and even to the stars, wherever life goes, so too, should you.