Back A Mithraic Prayer with Commentary

By Divine Grace,
I touch the Shadow and reveal the Light.
In the Light there is Truth.
In Truth, Freedom from Dark Things.
I am the Darkness become Light
I am the Darkness become Truth
I am the Darkness become The Way.


"By Divine Grace" is Lord Mithras.

Who is the ultimate Ascension of our Perfected Nature.
He is our Ultimate Goal. He is the Lord of Light.
He is the Sun that casts out the Darkness of our Souls and our Minds.

"I touch the Shadow and reveal the Light"

The Shadow is our Ignorance about ourselves and the world around us.
The Light is our goal and by touching the shadow we begin our journey to Enlightenment.

"In the Light there is Truth"

The Light is the Divine Spark that shines within us, for it is always there inside of us though most people never attempt to find it.
The Truth is when we embrace the Light and it illuminates our Path to Enlightenment.

"In Truth, Freedom from Dark Things."

Once we begin to travel the path of Truth our minds and Spirit begin to become Free from the narrow bounds that the material world binds us too.
The Dark Things are the things in our lives that keep us from walking that path.
Our Ignorance, Hate, Anger, Negative Desires and other things that keep us from our path to becoming One with Mithras.

"I am the Darkness become Light."

We admit that we began our journey in darkness but now we walk the path of Illumination.

"I am the Darkness become Truth."

We declare that though we were once in the Abyss of Ignorance, it is through our embracing of the Truth that exists within ourselves that we set ourselves Free.

"I am the Darkness become The Way"

Through overcoming the Primal and Animalistic Darkness that exists within us.
We become the The Way of Liberation. The Way of Light.
We finally achieve the Ascension that all humanity needs in order to evolve.
We become; One with Lord Mithras.