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Jesus is not the only Christ

A Kristos (or Christos) is an anointed person, someone who has been given the status of a saviour king. They are chosen to lead their people out of a bad life of poverty, danger or slavery into a better life of freedom and fulfilment.

Christian Mazdeans don't believe that Jesus alone should be anointed Kristos.

Firstly we believe that Jesus as a man came to demonstrate Chrestus - the divine servant (i.e. the perfect servant) - and that it is this divine being which can express itself through many people that should be the focus of attention, rather than the historical Jesus.

Secondly we believe that Chrestus - a god in the image of Jesus - cannot save mankind alone. We believe that we need a second deity to work with him - and this is Mithras.

Mithras is a god of social order. Chrestus attends to the needs of individuals regardless of other considerations. Mithras however is concerned for the whole picture. He is concerned for the good relations between people and that their mutual interaction should produce a happy result.

We believe that Mithras and Chrestus are needed to work together as joint saviour kings - both annointed together as Kristoi. They both work to the same ends but they have a different approach. Each tugs at the other to keep their joint work on the straight path. Mithras insists that the common good is attended to and not overturned by the needs of a few privileged individuals. Chrestus insists that the task of maintaining social order doesn't become an end in itself in disregard of its actual impact on individual human lives.

We believe the Kristoi can save mankind from the terrible predicament it is getting itself into. They are the potential saviours of the world and its inhabitants if we work to pave a way for their arrival into their full glory.


The belief in twin saviour gods goes back into the mists of time. The ancients of many nations believed in twin brothers who would come to help mankind in their time of need. They were often pictured as riders coming on horseback, one more vigorous and one more gentle, who would come to heal the world of its troubles. In stories it was imagined they appeared at dawn pulling the chariot of the sun. The ancient Persians called these twins the Aspinas. They were also known to the Indians as the Asvins, the Romans as Castor and Pollux and the Anglo-Saxons at one time as Hengest and Horsa. However we think that today the Aspinas are needed to return as the Kristoi - Mithras and Chrestus.


U: The intimate christ is inside of each one. He is intelligence & wisdom.

U: Interesting take. I like some of the logic here... As a Mormon, I already believe in distinct personages in the Godhead, and I feel you described accurately the attributes of Most High God, or the Father, who is a governor, and an organizer, and Law. And obviously, you hit it on the head with Jesus being the Mediator and functioning as the High Priest Archetype (and Servant archetype) and gives grace to the individual in order for them to change and then become Saviors as well, for their fellow men.
I have been pondering concepts similar to how you define Christos. Stepping into the salvific office. And Christ/Chrestus cannot save Man without Law (Mithras). According to Mormonism, Mercy cannot rob justice/law. But Mercy can satisfy Justice as well as severity I like this thought experiment and I like philosophy in this post.

Dec 2021