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Azideus is inspired by an unbridled lust for power (and often other delights as well). He has an anguinic character lacking usual human emotions and empathy for others. He is obsequious to those above him in the power-chain, but cold-heartedly manipulates those who can be instruments of his success and ruthlessly eliminates his rivals. He is Mithras' main rival for control of the social order.

His origin is with the Persian god of lust Az - who became linked with the god of fury Aeshma. This latter gave his name to Asmodeus who became known as king of the demons in some Hebrew sources, as well as a lesser demon of lust among later Christians.

Azideus - the deity or demon - is the spiritual power behind the tyrant archon Azidak (originally Azi Dahaka or Serpent of Lust in Persian).

Like Azidak, Asmodeus is said to be three headed as pictured in the Dictionnaire Infernal (1818):

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U: Each ego, anger, lust, gluttony, pride, laziness, envy and greed is a demon, a spirit, which needs to be fought until complete

MZ: Yes, you need to fight those to become christ-like, except that it is mainly selfish anger that is a problem. Arguably there is a place for righteous anger - where you get angry on behalf of the badly treated - as long as it doesn't cloud your judgement.However it is not always possible to fight these spirits in other people. Instead you have to stop them being in positions of power where they might do a lot of harm.