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What is the meaning of Lucifer?

1. Human knowledge rather than God's knowledge?

2. Understanding without morality?

3. Spirit without matter?

4. Another name for Jesus - as a bringer of freedom

A blogger writes: "Overcoming the material" is luciferianism. And a large percentage of the Christian tradition fell for it hook, line and sinker. Just like all the other forms of patriarchal ascensionism that came before, extending all the way back to the ziggurats and grain silos of the first strongmen. Any icon worthy of emulation (Christ... or Odin/Freya, Thoth-Hermes, Buddha, etc) must by definition be a symbol for bridging mind/spirit and body/matter in living, harmonious, interwoven balance. Consciousness isn't an overcoming of the material, it it an indwelling of spirit within the material as richly as possible.

A useful link to a video on the history of Luciferianism

MZ: Perhaps the answer is that Lucifer is a god that brings understanding of the workings of reality. This can be used to good purposes to free oneself from mental restrictions - whether those of nature or those put there by other people to control you.
Once freed by Lucifer you can create reality and not just be buffeted by it.

This however is not always a good thing as your understanding of how to create a good world or your morality may be limited. So you may be the one creating a prison for other people.

This is the Catholic Church argument for keeping the majority of people in ignorance and only allowing luciferic knowledge to educated priests.

MZ: An important point is that Lucifer brings awareness of your own mental blinkers. He doesn't make you more caring of other people as Jesus tries to do. This is why he is seen as dangerous by many christians. Lucifer can tell you how to make a nuclear bomb - but not if you should.

Thus is the argument that bringing knowledge is Satanic, that it would be better for people to remain trapped and ignorant in a womb created for them.

A gnostic Jesus offering us freedom through knowledge: