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Prayer of Vatis the Overcomer

Cursed be those who offer lies as truths and truths as lies, for they are an abomination!

It's time to doubt! The bubble of falseness is bursting and its sound is the roar of the world!

Every time a lie has set in a throne, let us storm it mercilessly and unscrupulously conscience, for no one can prosper under the domination of the falsehood.

Let us undo the established sophisms, let us uproot them. Let's burn them and destroy them, because they are a threat for all the real nobility of thought and action!

Popular lies have always been the most powerful enemies of personal liberty. There is only one way to face them: rip them, rip them off, like if they were cancers. Destroy them or they will annihilate!

I move away from all the conventionalism that doesn't lead me to success and happiness on Earth.

I raise the bar of the strong with severe energy.

Blessed are the strong, for the earth shall be theirs,,.
Cursed are the weak: for they shall inherit the yoke!

Blessed are the mighty, for they shall be revered for the men... Cursed be the weak: for they will be wiped off the face of the earth!

Blessed are the bold, for they shall be masters of the world.. Cursed are the virtuous weak: for they they will be crushed under the Devil's hooves.

Blessed are the victors, for victory is the foundation of the right... Cursed be the defeated, for they shall be vassals for life!

Blessed are those with the iron hand, for the gentle they will flee before them.. Cursed are the poor in spirit, for they will be spit on!

Blessed are the destroyers of false hope, for they are the real messiahs...

Blessed are the brave, for they shall obtain great treasures. ,, Cursed are those who believe in good and in the bad, because they let themselves be scared by shadows!

Blessed are those who believe in what is best for them, for their mind will never be terrified.. Damn them be the "lambs of God," for they will be bled out until there are more Whiter than the snow!

Blessed are the mighty in mind, for they shall overcome the whirlwinds,,. Cursed be those who offer lies as truths and truths as lies, for they are one abomination!

Cursed be three times the weak to whom the insecurity makes them vile, for they are an abomination!

auto-translated from the Spanish
original author unknown

About Vatis

Vatis is a Euromazdean deity derived from Persian deity Vata (the wind). He also has features of Verethragna - the god of victory. He has similarities to Germanic Woden/Odin and also Prometheus and Lucifer.

Vatis is a god of controlled frenzy - i.e. continuous high energy that overcomes conventional barriers - whether physical or mental.

Vatis is distinct from Percus the Striker, the 'angry god' who delivers sudden force to break through a barrier. Vatis is also distinct from Vaius who is the elemental source of all activity and motion.

May 4022 ME