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Sarus is the divine Listener. He listens to the nature and needs of individual beings and responds accordingly. He is also called the Obedient, because he obeys the requirements of the situation as he hears it and not any separate personal will.

Sarus is the divine personality that desires to be of service to individual people. He is concerned to uphold the dignity of all, and is willing to sacrifice himself so that others can escape the full consequences of their actions. Sarus pays attention to individuals one at a time and seeks to save them from their sins.

Sarus is a teacher to us. Because of his empathy and knowledge of all beings and desire to help them he is a worthy teacher of morality.

Sarus can be imagined as the offspring of Anhita (who is the ideal mother) and Spentaman the Holy Spirit.

Chrestomazdeans see the personality of Sarus becoming particularly pure in certain human beings - especially Zartus Rectus (Zoroaster the Righteous) and Jesus Chrestus (Jesus the Good).

Sarus can also be called by his Persian names of Sarosh or Sraosha.