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THE KAKOI - The evil beings in Neomazdaism

The Agathoi are the Good Beings - children of Vaius the Active One and Agatha the Ideal Good. They are the Neomazdean version of the traditional Zoroastrian Amesha Spenta. There are twelve canonically recognised Agathoi.

The Kakoi on the other hand are the 'bad ones' and are the evil counterparts of the Agathoi.

1. Opposed to Auramazda is Dregor the Deviator.
2. Opposed to Chrestus is Azidus the lustful cold-hearted one.
3. Opposed to Spentaman is Angraman the deceitful one.
4. Opposed to Eunoia is Akonoia the Bad Mind or Bad Thinking
5. Opposed to Eudaena is Akodaena the Bad Religion.
6. Opposed to Eusebia is Akosebia the Wrong Devotion
7. Opposed to Eukratia is Akokratia the Bad Rule or bad use of strength
8. Opposed to Arta is Dreg the Deviation from what is right and true.
9. Opposed to Eunomia is Akonomia the bad customs, laws and distributions.
10. Opposed to Eutopia is Akotopia the Bad Place or the bad kind of situation.
11. Opposed to Harvatas-Amortas is Aegrotas which is Illness or Disharmony.
12. Opposed to Eudemonia is Akodemonia which is the Bad Spirit or feeling, unhappiness or pain.

MZ, Sept 2022