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TETRA TROPOI - The four 'Archangels'

Tropoi are personalities of Auramazda the wise lord. Here are four important 'angels' who support Chrestus-Aristus (the 'Useful and Best') - the human son of Auramazda.

Sarus the Listener. Sarus is a sensitive character and easily sees himself in the place of others. He feels the experience of each individual soul and desires that the best thing happens to them for their development and happiness. Compared to Mithras we consider that Sarus pays less attention to the holistic situation or overall picture but has greater involvement with the needs of the individuals before him.

Anhita the Mother. Anhita provides what is needed for the incipient and developing life to grow happily into a productive being who can shoulder the tasks of an adult existence. Anhita cares about her nurselings and cares for them. She provides a womb or shelter adapted to the needs of the dependent individual and protected from the harshness of the uncaring world outside. Anhita is known especially as a nurturer and protector and as a guardian of the purity of the conditions in which life grows.

Mithras the Righteous Leader. Mithras has a strong desire for righteous order. He is a leader of society and a governor of the relationships between people. He is trusted to seek the common good of all and to see justice done. He upholds the social bonds that create the productive community and encourages the mutual flourishing.

Vatis the Overcomer. Vatis has a high-energy personality. He is good at overcomings the mental channels of habitual thinking and creating new thought patterns. Fixed structures that regulate the flowing of life become liquid under his attention and he can shape new structures better suited to the needs of the world's souls.