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Seven elements of God

1. ZURVAN is the ground of being, the substrate of time and space in which everything moves. Zurvan Apeiron is Boundless Time or Infinite Time while Zurvan Aion is Finite Time, an 'Age', a 'life-time'.

2. URVAN is 'soul'. Soul has at least three characteristics - firstly that of feeling, sensing, knowing ; secondly that of doing or shaping the zurvanic flux outside itself; thirdly that of growing, remembering, developing a character, a soul-body.

3. AGATHON is the Ideal Good. Agathon is primarily reflected in Good-feeling, Ushta or Eudemonia, the good-flow of the energies of Helion through Urvan. Agathon is secondarily reflected in good-activity that works to bring about good-feeling.
Beings which reflect Agathon are called Agathoi - of which there are twelve in the canonical list recognised by Agathists and Zorochristians.

4. HELION is the zurvanic sun, the source of the energy that drives life.

5. TYCHE is the zurvanic 'doer'. Tyche decides the flow of the Zurvanic flux. Tyche shapes the world (TUKA) moment-by-moment based on the 'appeals' (PELLA) of Urvan, and the prior-shape of things.

6. ANGELON is the messenger of God. Angelon is reality revealing itself to the Mind of Urvan. Angelon often comes as an image within the minds of men (an 'Angel') and varies depending on the person being addressed. Two possible angels are the Angel Mother who tells Urvan of its importance to God, and the Angel Father who tells Urvan of its duty to do right and avoid wrong-action.

7. AURAMAZDA is the 'Wise Lord' , the super-natural being that moves within Zurvan to shape it in the best way to produce the ARTA THALICA or flourishing order. Auramazda is 'Perfect Active Wisdom.'

December 2022 CE