Back About Euromazdaism Dec 2022


Euromazdaism aims to be the European answer to Hinduism, a new religious tradition to replace Abrahamism.

Euromazdaism is based on a synthesis of the wisdom traditions of the ancient Persians and Greeks with influence from other European traditions.

Mazda means Wisdom in Persian and the Mazdaic tradition has existed in an unbroken line back 3000 years or more. The original Mazdaism shared common roots with the Vedism of India.However Zoroaster introduced a strongly dualistic moral philosophy onto the pre-existing monistic and polytheistic system.

Zoroaster's ideas later influenced the development of Christianity. An offshoot of Euromazdaism called Zorochristianism takes up Zoroaster's call for a struggle of Good against Evil.

However in Euromazdaism proper we downplay this dualism and leave room for other ways of making sense of the good and bad in life.

In short Euromazdaism is trying to be a European version of Hinduism using the wisdom traditions of the ancient Persians and Greeks as a foundation.