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Some Euromazdean Runes influenced by the Vedic

Zurvan is the ground of time and space in which everything moves. Zurvan Apeiron is the Boundless Time - the Universal Time. Zurvan Aion is Limited Time , an Age or a lifetime.

Urvan is the soul or the spirit of life. In origin Urvan means 'flow'. Urvan is our feelings and our movement and actions.

Related to Urvan, but not identical are:
i) VARTA - our conscious choices.
ii) Our SOUL-BODY - the layers of memories which create our personality
iii) AUTUS - our individual self, our ego.
iv) NOUS - our mind

Arta is Order. When the Zurvanic flux is in a state of Arta then the different elements, the different beings and their actions work together in harmony and create something bigger than their individual selves.

Darma are actions that uphold Arta. Where Arta is the Order of a well-functioning society, then Darma are the actions need to sustain this society and its institutions. Each person in the society has a role to play and this will not be the same for everybody - so darma will vary depending on a person's status and the changing needs of the society at large.

Noia is our way of thinking. It is how we see the world and the grounds we use to decide how to act. Often our Noia doesn't reflect the reality of things and leads us to take actions that harm our interests.

Dolus is deception, trickery, false illusion. Dolus is what clouds our Noia and leads it astray. Dolus is an aspect of DREG, which is any deviation from what is right and true.

STREPHIS is something like SAMSARA
Strephis is 'churning' also 'striving, struggle and strife'. We are in Strephis when we are fully engaged in life - when we are immersed in the world happening around us. In Strephis we are trying to make our way in the world, but we encounter resistance and obstacles and have to struggle to get through.

Strephis is essential for us to grow and develop, but it can also be uncomfortable , even painful and sometimes very dangerous. In strephis our minds take things at face value and our actions follow on directly from our emotions. If the world is not set up right for us then this can get us into unnecessary trouble.

ATARAXA is something like NIRVANA
Ataraxa is disengagement. Instead of engaging with the world and being buffeted by it , we can chose to disengage and not let it affect us.
When we are born we naturally engage with what is around us. Adverse experiences can teach us to hold back and be more cautious. Alternatively we can train ourselves not to engage automatically with techniques such as mindfulness.

Marcus Zartianus, Dec 4022 ME