What is Mithraism?

One ESI Members Perspective...


For those who are new into the faith and those who are curious about it. 

I thought that I would share some of my thoughts on what Mithraism is to me.

Now remember that this is My interpretation, the other Brothers and Sisters of Mithras throughout the world may have different ideas and feelings about how Mithras appeals to them.  

Mithraism is a religion about spirituality that progresses towards self-realization, fulfillment and completeness, as a good creation of a totally good God. That we call Mithras: the Lord of Light. The Divine and The Great Maker. Mithraism is a message and teaching  about Freedom - Freedom to choose, Freedom from fear, Freedom from guilt and Freedom from sin.

1. Mithras is Not about Fear, Guilt and Condemnation.
2. Mithras is Wisdom, Love, Peace, Justice and Compassion.
3. Mithras does Not discriminate on the basis of nationality, gender, race or wealth.
4. Mithras treats humanity with Dignity and Respect.
5. Mithras is Not a slave master, nor a despot, among his followers.
6. Mithras is Humanities Soul Mate and Partner.
7. Mithras is Not Jealous, Wrathful or Vengeful.
8. Man is Not sinful by nature, fallen or depraved. 
9. Mithras has No Eternal opponent, Heaven and Hell are states of mind and being. Ignorance/Ahriman are just mental states that Mithras wants to help you to overcome.
10. Man was created to progress to Enlightenment and eliminate Darkness/Ignorance from the Universe in partnership with The Divine Mithras.
11. Mithras is about Honor, Justice and Liberty

The Mithraic faith views humanity as the growing and evolving creation of The Divine Mithras who Loves us, Respects us and wants us to join Him in the task of Preserving, Nourishing and Refreshing this Beautiful Universe that we live in.


A Mithraist progresses towards The Divine Mithras by our own choices. Choosing to do good and to avoid choosing to do wrong or evil. Mithraism is an ethical religion that teaches that humanity can achieve its goal of Illumination and Oneness with The Divine Mithras by fighting evil through our Thoughts, Meditations, Acts of Compassion and spreading Wisdom and Peace.

Mithraism teaches the Equality of all mortals for The Divine Mithras only sees a difference in righteousness among mortals. Therefore there is equality of race, nation, gender, wealth and social position.

Mithraism is a personal, creative and evolving experience in which the teachings of Mithras continue to expand and adapt according to the abilities - both receptive and creative - of the individual Mithraist. Remember that Mithraism does have scriptures, but unlike other faiths, we expand and adapt. The Scriptures of the past are the foundations that we build upon, but we do Not rest only with them. New scriptures are added to build up from that foundation so that the walls of faith can continuously be built and soar onwards into the future.

I invite you to a journey of spiritual discovery. 

Come discover the Faith of Mithras, 

come learn and Open your Heart and Mind to its Compassionate message.

May You All walk in the Light of Mithras, Children of The Divine.


Mithras Odinsson ESI 

Main Points


  • Mithraism is a sect of Zoroastrianism, which was popular during late antiquity, especially in Rome.
  • Orthodox; following or conforming to the traditional or generally accepted rules and beliefs (of Zoroastrianism).
  • Orthodox Mithraism; a Monotheistic and Dualistic religion based on Mithra, without admixture or change.


Exoteric (Outer) Sacred Narrative.

  • Ormazd is the God of Light, good and creation. He exists from eternity in the Empyrean. He is the the ruler of the Heavens and the Aeons.
  • He is at war with Ahriman the Demon of Evil, Darkness and destruction. He arose from nothing in the the Abyss. He is the ruler of the Hells and the Archons.
  • Ahriman is the ruler of the temporal Cosmos, Ormazd is destined to defeat Ahriman and become the eternal ruler of the new Aeon.
  • The cosmos is a battleground and humans have the choice between God and the Demon.
  • Ormazd sends Mithra to save humanity.
  • Mithra reveals the truth about the God the Demon and their battle, to Zoroaster.
  • By choosing God and rejecting the Demon and by living according to Good Thoughts, Words & Deeds we attain heaven.


Esoteric (Inner) Sacred Narrative;

  • Above Ormazd & Ahriman and hidden within both is Aeon, the ineffable Godhead, eternal and infinite, existing in the Apeiron in boundless light.
  • Aeon is the male-female parent, beyond all duality. Aeon created the world in order to reveal the Godhead as the Lord, or the supreme divine person.
  • The souls of humanity are sparks of divinity which have been incarnated by Ahriman and have forgotten our divine origin.
  • Mithra reveals his true nature, as the very heart of the Wise Lord Ormazd himself and the personal manifestation of the ineffable godhead, Aeon.
  • Aeon-Ormazd-Mithra are one God in three modes, not three persons or three gods.
  • From beyond God and the Demon and their battle of good and evil, Mithra comes to bring it to an end in the Apocalypse.
  • By devotion to the Lord remember our divine origin, we attain Gnosis and realise our own divinity. This brings release from Matter and evil we can ascend to be with him in the Empyrean.
  • We are assured of the final victory and can with firm confidence join with him, as leader of the warriors of light in in the holy war that is life and rebirth.
  • Mithra is the manifestation of divine light, as the visible image of Godhead in this world and the next.
  • Mithra is the supreme divine person of the Godhead and uniquely worthy of adoration.
  • He offers his devotees salvation, liberation and illumination through devotion to him.
  • At the Apocalypse Mithra will destroy the Demon, judge the living and the dead and usher in eternal life.