Welcome home to humanity's lost faith.

Once in remote antiquity one man aided by the purity of his good mind alone was able to break through the veil that seperates truth from ignorance to communicate directly with the divine. His name was Zoroaster and he lived around 1200 bce. For over a millenium his religion was the only one on the planet, it was the first universal faith. This fact as been largly ignored in the west, even though for the last five hundred years of the Roman Empire Mithraism was its final official religion.


Before the ascendency of the Abrahamic Religions the world was Zoroastrian. It is a forgotton fact they dont teach you in schools today. In the west were the Mithraists and in the east the Persians, both became driven apart, one went underground to become the Western Mystery Tradition the other relocated in India, both survived...to a degree.

Mithraism became a persecuted religion in Rome and was preserved by people like the Roman Emperor Julian the Philosopher, Michael Psellius and Gemistos Plethon. Re-emerging during the Renaissance as the Western Mystery Tradition.

The Prophet Mani's Mithraic religion lived on in the Medaeval Cathars and Albigenses.

Finally after being Persecuted for hundreds of years as pagans and heretics some kept the faith and relocated to India where they are known as 'Parsis' and Iranis.

As the Parsis community is now declining in numbers, Zoroastrianism is gaining global recognition and increasing. Thanks to information technology the perennial religion has been able to reach a global audience before the historical religion became extinct, it's future is assured.

Many people are returning to this pristine theology for a number of reasons, first because some are actively seeking and others driven. Those who are driven are so largely by the circumstances of the current religious conflict betweenthe Abrahamic faiths in which we find ourselves. 

Returning to our previous, less contentious faith is an attractive option and it is understandingly increasing exponentially. 

People that come to Zoroastrianism and Mithraism say its like coming home and this is because it as formed part of our cultural make up for over a thousand years.


The story so far...In the west people have returned to their ethnic faiths and polytheistic communities are growing, with some now having their own temples and officiating priesthoods. The Neopagan movement officially began in the 60's with Oberon Zell's Church of All Worlds since then Wiccan and Druid groups have flourished.


Interest in Mithraism has also benefitted from new research bringing a clearer view than previoulsy. Mithraic groups are beginning to deepen their uderstanding of their faith by opening connections to Zoroastrians. A modified Neo-Cumontean approach has replaced revisionism bringing renewed optimism into the field.


Others are drawn to alternative Christian religions like Manicheism, Gnosticism and Catharism.


In the east suffering the onslought of Daesh many Muslims are abandoning their Abrahamic faith in favour of a return to Zoroastrianism. Iranians in particular are wearing the Fravahar publically and returning to the Fire Temples. Kurds are also returning to their Mithraic faith Yazdanism.


East meets West...  Western Mithraists and Eastern Parsis meet in these modern Persians that are reclaiming mankinds forgotten religion. The Paris provide us with real historical continuity other revived religions claim but on closer inspection do not have. The West provides an esoterical understanding injcluding in its remit the classical western canon of mythology and philosophy.

The Parsis have retained the exoteric form of the historical faith, the west its esoteric tradition and both need to reconnect with each other and the remaining Persians in Iran to bring it into reality.


Where Next...This is the work our communities have for the next few decades. Broadening the network of contacts, making friends, establishing links and new communities real and online.

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More will be added to the site, which is a work in progress...