Declaration of Orthodoxy & Confession

Mithraism is the Western (Roman) form of the Persian mysteries and is related to Parsism, Yazidism, Mandaism, Sabianism and Zoroastrianism.

The following (Romano-Persian) Hebdomad represent modes of the Godhead and are the 'Seven Rays' of Mithras.

Luna-Magna Mater

We honour these during the first week of every month.

The worship of Mithras God of Light and Anaitis the Great Mother Goddess is the Perennial religion of mankind and lies at the root the Western Mystery Tradition.

The Great Father and Mother can be seen in nature as its ultimate origin and ground of being. As Heaven and Earth, in the divine light of the sun & moon.

Their eternal dance is manifest in the turning of the seasons in which we celebrate the birth of Mithras at the winter solstice at Dies Natalus Sol Invictus and Anaitis the Goddess in spring at Easter. We honour Mithras and his sacrifice of the Cosmic Bull on the Autumn Equinox at Mithragan.

We are brought into union with the God and Goddess through the celebration of these sacred mysteries and may achieve liberation from the cycle of rebirth through Gnosis or spiritual knowledge.

Orthodoxy in the Persian tradition is liberal and rather than conservative. Orthodox Zoroastrians are the more liberal whereas the conservative, or traditionalist, element is associated with the ethnic Parsis and Iranis.

Constitution of Ecclesia Sol Invictus and Magna Mater.

1. Declaration of Orthodoxy
2. Confession of Orthodoxy

Approved by the College of Solar Pontiffs - Spring Equinox 2016

Ave Deo Sol Invictus.
Ave Dea Magna Mater

1. Declaration of Orthodoxy.

Being the sacred constitution of Ecclesia Sol Invictus & Magna Mater.

On the Feast of the Vernal Equinox 2016.


The Ecclesia shall be the organised body of members governed by the principles of natural reason, faith and knowledge by the Solar Pontificate.


The Pontificate shall consist of a college with a maximum of twelve pontiffs elected by cooption. Three of which to form a Triumvirate representing The Orient, Egypt and Hellas. One of which to be selected by the Triumvirate as Patre Patres to represent and minister both the Ecclesia and College.


The Pontificate to be the final court of appeal in all matters relating to the Ecclesia. The guardian of Orthodoxy and repository of sacred wisdom.

Orthodox Religion.

The Orthodox tradition is the perennial path of Theosis consisting of Liturgy - Theurgy - Gnosis.


That tradition being transmitted by the Golden Chain of Zoroaster, Hermes and Orpheus.


From them to Pythagoras and thence Apollonius, who restored the mysteries to antiquity under Vespasian.


Proclaimed the sole faith of the Empire by Aurelian Restitutor Orbis.


We hereby declare our foundation on the perennial religion bequeathed to us by the divinity of Julian the Philosopher our eternal Pontiff Maximus and high priest of Sol Invictus under the auspices of Alexander of Macedon sempeterno Caesar of the universal commonwealth.


May our Holy Lord and Lady bless their Ecclesia and Collegia.


2. The Orthodox Confession 


Orthodoxy (True Glory) is the knowledge of divinity and truth brought by Gnosis, or reasoned faith. Reason leads to the Godhead and Faith enlivens reason bringing Gnosis.

Confession of Orthodoxy

Gnosis can never be held in a Creed or set of beliefs of a community but may be confessed by the individual in the context of the Ecclesia and our Lord & Lady.

☀️The Confession.

Short version: 
-I know one Godhead of the God and Goddess-

Long Version: 
-I know one, ineffable, eternal & infinite Godhead of God and the Goddess

I know God the transcendent father our Lord of Light, the Great Sovereign Sun.

I know the Goddess, the immanent Great Mother of the Gods, our Lady, the Queen of Heaven-

The Faith
Anyone that makes this confession by thought, word and deed is to be considered a brother or sister in good faith and eligible for full voting rights in the Ecclesia.

The Ecclesia is the priesthood of all members and shall reserve the right to vote on all positions within the College of Solar Pontiffs. The Ecclesia may suggest and vote on candidates to the Synod, or Council of Bishops of the Ecclesia. The Synod may add to the confession by a unanimous vote and upheld by the Ecclesia.

The College of Solar Pontiffs

This Confession may only be amended by unanimous vote of the Pontificate. It may only be added to by a College of Bishops of the Ecclesia.

The final court of appeal in the interpretation of the Confession is the College of Solar Pontiffs, consisting of twelve Pontiffs.

The Triumvirate

A Triumvirate consisting of three Pontiffs shall henceforth be the Guardians of Orthodoxy as represented in the Confession.

As such they are charged with the exposition and preservation of Orthodoxy.

The Pontificate may suggest and vote for candidates, from their number to the Triumvirate.


Each Pontiff will represent a Patriarchate which shall be of Athens, Alexandria and Antioch.The Patriarch of Athens represents the West and Orphism.

The Patriarch of Antioch represents the East and Mithraism.

The Patriarch of Alexandria represents the South and Hermetism.

Ecumenical Patriarch

An Ecumenical Patriarch of Byzantium shall be chosen by by the Triumvirate and College to represent the Ecclesia as a whole.

In nominae Dominus Deo Sol Invictus & Domina Dea Magna Mater.