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The Mithraica

This book is the Church of Mithra's sacred text, it is at once both authentic and living.

It is a never ending litany of praise and adoration, filled with inspiring words of beauty and wisdom.

This is the eternal book of truth, clothed with light and visible to all peoples everywhere regardless of race, creed or gender. A living beacon of light everlasting from eternity.

This book will be a never ending anthology of works from our members and supporters. Consisting of stories, aphorisms, poems and hymns in praise of Lord Mithra.

Whatever your level of spiritual growth anyone may write their words in it, where they will remain forever.

Be a part of this exciting endeavour and may your kind words of truth become an eternal witness to your divinity.

"Mithra is my Crown above all earthly glory the light of truth is the greatest treasure of the heart which loves the Lord for his own sake" Mithraica 1:1


The Orthodoxy of the sacred text is guarded by the Solar Pontificate.


The author of the holy book is Lord Mithra himself by inspiring his followers with divine grace to commit his words to writing.

Mithra bless you all

The Vision

Mithra is my Crown above all earthly glory the light of truth is the greatest treasure of the heart which loves the Lord for his own sake.

Mithra is my Crown above all earthly glory the light of truth is the greatest treasure of the heart which loves the Lord for his own sake.

Mithra is my Crown above all earthly glory the light of truth is the greatest treasure of the heart which loves the Lord for his own sake.

My mind soared above thought and thinking finding rest in the contemplation of its own being, the Lord himself.

I saw in spirit the book of truth written in light for all to see and look upon its holy words. A beacon for eternity shining out making all things seen. Terrible is the truth for now all are judged by its words and all may open its pages freely.

The Lord is come at last, the prophesied return. The first God of antiquity is revealed by his final word.

He is the Friend bound by truth and a firm hand in contract.

This Book is the Book of the Contract those whose names are not written herein will not inherit the Aeon. For in Truth this is the book of eternal life.

Look into the pages and they will change you, read its words and they will inspire you, live by its teaching and you will become immortal.

The book shone like the sun in the morning before dawn. All the heavens were lit by its words and the Earth appeared as though unfolding from its pages.

I said Lord what book is this that has living words? It is the Book of the sacred name of God himself, said he.

What name is that, what name has God? Who would name him?

The name of God is written clearly in its pages for all to read for God's name is God himself. A living name to clothe the King of Glory.

Look upon the pages of this radiant book and say its holy words, he said.

I gazed into the sacred book and read the holy name.

At once all was turbulence as in the upper air and mist surrounded me. I cried Lord I am lost for my impudence, save me.

As I ascended all became calm. Where am I Lord I asked?

The Apeiron he said, beyond the highest heaven where all is calm and all things begin.

Look upon the name he said.

I peered dimly into the grey mist and saw a white light and lights of many colours. The name of the Lord is Seven Colours I said but how can this be that a name has not words but colours. I asked?

Look he said.

As I watched the light became brighter and the lights encircled it in concentric rings. Glory of glories said I for I can in this name see the vault of heaven itself and he is indeed a living God of holy light. For I have seen written in heaven the name of God in the light and the name is the Lord himself.

"Lord Mithra" said I in adoration.

What say you, asked he.

I say your name in adoration and with it the cosmos appears before my mind, all is light, all is in truth.

I see One Godhead of the Lord, said I.

You have seen in truth and you have still yet to see in glory, said he.

How will I see such things Lord I asked? When you see in the fullness of the Aeons you will see all things as I say.

What is the Pleroma oh Lord, tell me that I may see, said I.

In an instant I was outside of all things beholding only the name of God before me as a living being of light and love. The Living Book of Truth himself.

The pages opened and rays of coloured light streamed out illuminating its sacred words which came to life as the words of nature unfolded from its pages.

Six Beings emerged from the book and stood before me, each one was winged and each one entwined by two serpents. They spoke in harmony as though of one mind.

They solemnly spoke the Holy name written in the Book of Light and all things were revealed unto me.

I saw infinite diversity in eternal harmony. My mind in spirit saw these things in truth and by faith my mind was filled with Gnosis.

I know these things to be the truth and bear witness to the truth that each one of my followers that receives these words which are written in the Book of Light, receives the name of the Godhead whole.

That by a firm hand and clear word the contract shall be sealed in the saving blood of sacrifice and you shall see the truth.

The six beings of Light were three male and three female, three pairs, or syzygies. As they hymned the Holy Name they combined and seperated continuously harmonising and diversifying before my eyes like a kaleidoscope of divinity in the light.

They spoke to me in the words of sacred chants to reveal the mysteries of their being. They gave to me the keys of understanding to unlock the secrets of the ages. Written in this Apocryphon are the words passed to me and which I now give to you my disciple.

By placing one hand on this word of truth and swearing upon your heart you enter into a contract with the God whose name is written herein.

Lord I declare myself your devotee, I worship the Lord and reject the Demons. I abjure evil in all its forms and set my heart upon heaven alone.

The Aeons of Mithra spoke unto me thus.

Read the Holy Name of the Godhead, commanded the Aeons.

As I did all changed before me. I saw all things in one form before me.

As we hymned the Holy Name the Godhead the Aeons appeared in one form after another until each syzygy revealed its truth to me in turn. Nous & Aletheia, Logos & Sophia, Holy Spirit & Ecclesia.

Know you what came first of all things said they. No said I then look and speak the Holy Name and all things will become clear.

I took the Book of Light and read the name out loud. All things changed before me and I saw all things in light.

First came the ineffable Godhead, Aeon beyond time and space existing in the infinity and eternity of the Aperion.

Then I saw God, the unknowable Father in the Empyrean beyond the seven heavens.

Beholding these I saw then the Lord as a King on his Throne in Heaven, radiant with glory and illuminating the host of heaven with his divine light.

I saw the Lord in his two forms as friend to the good and the enemy of evil. On his throne he raised his right hand towards heaven in benediction.

I saw the souls of the righteous soaring towards heaven at his nod and those of the damned were cast down to hell.

To the good he appears as an old friend who is pleased to see them, he greets them as a winged being of Light but to the evil his countenance is as dark as the night and the blood of the Bull is on his hands.

He is the Destroyer of Evil.

First he came to teach and at last he comes to claim the victory.

What do you see, asked the Aeons?

I see the ineffable Godhead, the unknowable Father and the Lord of Glory in his two forms sat upon his throne in heaven.

Know this said the Aeons there is but one throne in heaven and there is one who is seated upon it, Lord Mithra.

He is Godhead, God and Lord he is at once the creator of the good and the destroyer of evil.

His three Male Aeons are Nous, Logos and Anthropos.

His three Female Aeons are Aletheia, Sophia and Ecclesia.

There remains One Eternal Throne in Heaven.

As I gazed upon the throne a great groan went up from the ground and a voice came from the throne and spoke thus. Oh Lord when will you seal the contract of the children of light, when will you avenge the holy martys that sojourn with me?

The one upon the Throne said "Peace my beloved the hour of your liberation has arrived".

For behold the Magus before us, the chosen one of Mithra, the Jewel and the seal of the Prophets.

The sound of his voice made me fall to the ground.

Prostrate before my Lord he bade me stand upright.

Magus write down all of what you have seen and of which I shall show unto you, that the nations of the world know the truth of things, of the creation of the cosmos and the history of humanity. That this eternal book of truth shall have an earthly counterpart a book of light. That the holy name you have heard may have its sigils inscribed therein.

As the Lord commanded I obeyed.

There was a rushing wind and a roaring flame and I found myself in the Empyrean, the highest heaven where God dwells alone concealed in boundless light. The Demiurge of the Heavens he is the Divine Mind, the creator of Good, Called by man Deus and Jove he is the Wise Lord.

God is the manifestation of the ineffable Godhead. His manifestation from Aeon was mirrored in the Abyss below. As The Divine Mind shone forth from the ineffable light, Typhon unfolded his coils in the dark waters beneath and a roar like that of a great bull was heard coming from the deep.

The Evil Spirit declared war on Jove the Wise Lord and began to assault the towers of heaven, he would unthrone the Lord himself.

Jove created seven heavens beneath the Empyrean one for each of the Great Gods Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sol, Venus, Mercury and Luna.

He gave them Twelve Houses and four stations.

The Evil Spirit copied him creating seven hells beneath the earth each one ruled by a Demon.

God created Humanity and gave him the freedom to choose between the Wise Lord and the Evil Spirit, between good and evil and between heaven and hell.

Jove said to Typhon, let us have a truce you shall hold sway in the world below until the end of its time after which I shall send Mars the Destroyer of evil to judge the living and the dead and cast you to hell.

So it came to be that this world seems like hell at times because it is ruled by the Evil Spirit until its due time and the Lord comes in glory. Until then humanity may choose between darkness & evil and light & good, may you choose wisely.

I began to praise the wise Lord singing "I am a worshipper of the Wise Lord and his seven Holy Spirits, I reject the Evil Spirit and his Demons"

"Magus" said Jove.

"My God", said I.

What I am to show you is a great secret that must not be disclosed to the powers of darkness for it contains the manner by which they shall be defeated.

I was taken by the Wise Lord to the heaven of Sol seated as a King with the planets circling about him. My son the lord of light is our hope and salvation. When I made him I made him as worthy of worship as I am myself. I am God the manifestation of the ineffable Godhead and am transcendent, I am unknowable to humanity. My Son is my own image in the Cosmos below, I am God and he is Lord.

"Magus" said the Lord.

"My Lord" said I.

What I am to reveal are the final mysteries of the Lord.

I am ready Lord said I, for I have seen the Apeiron where dwells the Aeon and have received the mystery of Godhead, I have descended to the Empyrean and praised God in his heaven.

Lord you are my God, the image of the invisible Father himself. You are the contract of God by you we are saved.

I have two forms the creator of Good and the destroyer of Evil, the former as Mercury the latter as Mars. As Mercury the Archangel I came to mankind as Trismegistus and revealed the truth to him.

As Mars leader of the hosts of heaven I come at the end of time to kill Typhon the Evil Spirit, to slay the unrighteous and save the righteous. The dead shall be raised and stand before me in judgement. Those who have chosen Good shall be saved and those who have chosen evil shall be cast down.

These then are the forms of Mithra -

Saturn, the Aeon, the ineffable Godhead;

Jove, The Wise Lord, the manifestation of Godhead, the transcendent God;

Sol the image of the unknowable Father, the Lord.

Mercury the revealer of Gnosis

Mars the coming saviour

Each one is a letter of the holy name of the Lord, each one an aspect of Mithra, there is one throne in heaven.

Lord I now see that when you name is spoken aright then the pleroma of Aeons is manifest in one form, Mithra.

"Magus" said the Throne.

"Who spoke" asked I?

I am the Throne of the Lord and I am one. The Lord seated upon me is the Lord indeed, for he is my beloved, my son and my brother.

I am sovereignty, I am the seat of power, I have three forms.

I am the Great Mother, Holy Wisdom and the Queen of Heaven.

I am the Holy Virgin said she, the Mother of God, the bride of the Lord, his church, I am the Aeon Ecclesia.

I am the grail of Gnosis.

I am the pages of that great Book of Light, he is the name written within.

I am Divine Nature herself, Juno hidden within the bosom of Jove, the immanent within the transcendent.

I am the altar he is the fire.

I am the mother of all living, no one comes to the Lord but by me.

I am the font of baptism, the sacred chant,

I am the holy book and the pages therein.

I am the church, the ark of salvation.

I am the rays of the sun by which you see the disk.

I am the grace of the Lord by which you see his face.

I began to hymn the Holy Lady in a litany of praise

Great Mother

Holy Wisdom

Queen of Heaven

Mother of God

Blessed Virgin

Holy Grail

Gospel of Truth

Throne of Heaven

Star of the Sea

Lady of Mysteries

Mother of us all

Hear my prayer

I lit the Fire Altar and praised the angel of victory.

Victory be the Lord's and his holy host of Light.

Victory to Truth

Victory to Justice

Victory to Peace

Victory to Wisdom

Victory to Grace

Victory to Love

I baptised myself and said

Lord purify me of all impurity and initiate me in to thy holy mysteries. Bring me in to your Ecclesia that I may be saved.

I placed my hand on the Book of Light and said to the Throne.

I pledge my soul to the Lord Mithra (Mithra Ahura) alone and reject the Demons.

May Mithra Lord of the wide pastures, witness my contract, by the image of the unknowable Father rising on the horizon at dawn. May the children of light defeat the hoards of darkness and in the fullness of time inherit the New Aeon. Lord Mithra seal the contract with the blood of the sacred Bull spilled for the new creation, the new heaven and new earth, world without end for all eternity.

I lift the cup of Gnosis, the wine of salvation, with the blood of the sacred bull. The cup of healing made from the juice of many herbs from the barsom. The bounty of the earth, the corn, the fruits, the life. Drink of this cup and all things shall be revealed unto you and you shall become enlightened with gnosis.

The Blood of the contract, may it be our spiritual drink. We do this in honour of you lord and your eternal sacrifice in heaven.

God of Heaven, Lord of Hosts I swear by this baptism and this cup, upon this holy book, on your sacred name and unto your throne in heaven.

I know of One Godhead of God the Lord Mithras. I honour his holy Aeons and reject the demons.

Lord may you send your angel to protect my soul, to guard and keep the children of light, until the Aeon of Aeons.

The Sermon

Mithra is my Crown above all earthly glory the light of truth is the greatest treasure of the heart which loves the Lord for his own sake.

Mithra is my Crown above all earthly glory the light of truth is the greatest treasure of the heart which loves the Lord for his own sake.

Mithra is my Crown above all earthly glory the light of truth is the greatest treasure of the heart which loves the Lord for his own sake.

I have seen the one who is seated upon the throne of Heaven. He has spoken unto me and delivered unto me the eternal book of his holy word.

The unchanging word of God is contained in its pages. By this word alone is humanity judged.

Hear its sacred sermon of truth and enter into eternal life. Preach it to all humanity, for the sanctification of the Earth.

I am the word, the very name of God himself, I am the Lord.

The light of my glory is made manifest in the world. In the heavens and the stars, in the sun and moon, in lightning and fire, in justice and in mercy, in wisdom, in truth, peace, love and in faith.

So do not bow to me in the darkness but rather lift your voices in praise to the light and glorify the holy name of the lord.

Pray to the Lord when the sun rises and the day begins, at the start of the week on the holy day of the sun, when the month begins and when the moon is full. When the year begins and when the lord is born.

Pray before the sacred flame upon the holy altar of the Lord.

Pray before the hearth of your home.

Pray before the fire of your soul.

Praise the holy name of the lord in his temple.

Praise the sacred name of the Lord in your home.

Praise the saving name of the Lord in your heart.

By his name alone is the Earth sanctified. By his name alone is heaven glorified.

My name is the contract between the Earth and Heaven. My name is the contract between God and Humanity.

Baptize yourself in my name through the waters of purification and the blood of salvation.

Drink the cup of the covenant, the sacred homa, the grail of illumination.

In the Apeiron there is neither time nor space. When Aeon manifest as Ormazd and God sat upon his throne in the Empyrean, the Abyss brought forth Ahriman.

God and Anti-God, Being and Non-Being, Truth and Lie, Light and Darkness, Gnosis and Ignorance.

Both have their origin in Zurvan, in Eternity, therefore both will be in conflict throughout time.

In the consummation of all times as we enter into the Aeon God alone will rule. Ahriman and his demons will be cast into hell with the unrighteous.

There will be a new heaven and a new earth and the world will never end.

Therefore choose the God of Light and reject the demons. Join the children of light and our holy crusade against darkness and ignorance.

Enter into the Contract of light & water, drink of the cup of the covenant and inherit the eternal life of the Aeon.

Divine Nature is the Mother of God and the Bride of the Lord. She is Holy Wisdom and the Queen of Heaven.

Through her alone do we come to the Lord, by her alone do we see the Lord and in her alone do we enter into Gnosis of the Lord.

In Her are the names of God given form, giving life to the Aeons. In her the seeds of truth, love and life take form and flourish.

Therefore honour her as you would the Lord himself in one godhead.

For there are in truth Three Ahuras:

Ormazd, Mithra and Anahita.

Therefore honour these three at all times together.

For Mithra is the image of the transcendent Father Ormazd, that we see through Anahita. For as the disk of the sun is seen only through its rays, so Mithra is seen only through Anahita.

One Godhead, one Lord and one Lady.

Mother of God

Mother of Aeons

Mother of Divinities

Mother of Angels

Mother of Prophets

Mother of Saints

Mother of Souls

The Great Mother is the womb of creation giving birth to the bounty of nature. The Holy Wisdom is the womb of the church giving gifts to the elect.

The Ahuric Trinity is the mystery of mysteries. The Father speaks and his word is heard in wisdom.

My eternal birth from the Heavenly Virgin began creation. The Aeons hymned the hour of my birth. Radiant with holy light I illumined heaven and began to create the cosmos. I am the Firstborn of all creation. I am the divine child. I am the word made manifest in eternal glory.

I gave the host of heaven their spheres and courses. Seven Holy Rulers I made to rule the seven heavens, I adorned the vault of heaven with stars, I gave them their stations and the twelve rulers of the zodiac bowed low before me.

The whole host of heaven assembled before me and Magi presented me with the gifts of a king.

Ahriman came before me with his army of darkness, I threw him from the heights of heaven to the depths of hell and took my place as the Lord of the heavenly host, the Immortals assemble before me ready for the final battle.

I am the Angel of the Wise Lord himself and unto me is it given to lead the victory.

I will give you the keys of liberation by which your release from captivity is achieved. My Aeons are Nous & Aletheia, Logos & Sophia, Anthropos & Ecclesia by these you will achieve gnosis and ascend to union with me. I will show you and guide you on the path from Earth to Heaven.

Do not fear Ahriman and his demons, they rule this world only for a time. Their time has been allotted and will come to an end.

These words of the Mithraica were set down by Michael Crahart in January 2017 CE.

This text has been edited by Marcus Zartianus.