Mithras – Intro


Zoroastrian Mithraism

Zoroastrian Mithraism is a modern form of an ancient current of religious thought known as Mithraism, Mazdaism or Zoroastrianism.

The three jewels are the foundation of Zoroastrian Mithraism. They are Mitra, Mazda and Zartus.


Mitra is a figure of connection, of good relationship. (mi-tra means ’cause to bind’)

Mitra works to connect us to reality, so that our minds are attuned to the world as it actually is and out hearts are inspired to promote what is good.

Mitra also works to connect us to each other. Mitra is the promoter of friendship and solidarity . Mitra promotes mutual understanding, empathy and trust between people.

Our Mitra descends from the Mitra of the ancient Indo-Iranians, known as Mithra in the Zoroastrian religion and Mithras to the Romans. Our Mitra is gender neutral but has male and female aspects as Mitras and Mitrana.


Mazda is Wisdom. Mazda is the Cosmic Wisdom which creates everything.


Zarathustra was a religious philosopher who lived perhaps 3000 years ago in ancient Iran.

Zarathustra taught a practical kind of philosophy summed up as ‘Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds’ and that Wisdom was the life-promoting power in the universe.

A Mantra is a text which affects our minds and changes it. (man-tra means ’cause to think’).

Zoroaster wrote a most important Mantra called the Gathas or Songs of Zoroaster.


Daena has been translated vision, world-view, beliefs & values and conscience.

The Mithraic Daena is founded on the idea that the aim of life is happiness and that our task is to work for the flourishing of life that brings happiness.

Perhaps our most important value is Good-Mindedness - the character of mind that tends to lead to behaviour that supports the good order of the world.

Mithraic Fellowships

The Mithraic Fellowships of the Roman Empire were places people could come together to forge bonds of friendship and to improve their minds.

We seek to revive the idea today - not in exact copy of Roman practice - but in a new form that is best for us.