The Orthodox Church of Mithra

Ecclesia Sol Invictus is the Orthodox Church of Mithra

The Church of Mithra is open to all everywhere regardless creed, race or gender. You are not required to convert to Mithraism in order to join our groups and activities.

An Orthodox Mithraist is anyone who worships The Lord Mithra and who makes the Ahuric Confession of Orthodoxy.

The Church is governed by the Council of Magi (College of Pontiffs) consisting of twelve people which represent the group as a whole. The Magi authorise the priesthood, recomend teaching and are the final court of appeal for all disputes.

The Magi are steered by a Triumvirate of equals

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Orthodox Church of Mithra


  • Holy Book

    The Mithraica

    This book is the Church of Mithra's sacred text, it is at once both authentic and living.

  • Constitution

    Constitution of Ecclesia Sol Invictus and Magna Mater.

    1. Declaration of Orthodoxy
    2. Confession of Orthodoxy

    Approved by the College of Solar Pontiffs - Spring Equinox 2016